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Monday short meeting

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Monday short meeting
  • For a change. But it is because no one wants to bring up any agenda items.
    The fuse has been lit for a huge explosion after the holidays.
    We shall see.

    Cyber shopping with my foot up. It is much better last night and today.
    Waiting for it to dry out. Horses seem to be tolerating being stuck in the pens again.
    Except Jet decided to destroy a rain sheet. = ( It is now short a leg strap and the top front buckle.

    The farrier schedule is reversed tomorrow. He will be starting at DaneHaven early in the morning.
    We need to be in Kville by 5:30 pm.

    Have a nice evening everyone.

  • YAY for graduation!!! That's amazingly wonderful!  Did you say she is going to another school, too? What a great kiddo. I know everyone is so proud of her.

    Glad your foot feels better. And glad the volunteer stuff seems to be coming to a head. I guess. It could be good, right?  (and bad Jet. He doesn't want a coat.)  I thought about Jet today. I don't know how it got in my mind but the time we rode across the street at DaneHaven at that property that has cattle on it. I faced Jet towards the bull and you quickly suggested I not do that. :)

    Today was okay. My boss' job came open (he's going to Europe to work) and I didn't realize they advertised it. So it closed and I didn't apply. Oh well. Probably a reason for that. I enjoy my job now and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't enjoy that one very much.