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Automatic Horse Feeder

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Automatic Horse Feeder
  • I ran across this product the other day and thought it looked pretty cool. Obviously not a replacement for regular horse care, but I can see it being helpful for my horse to be able to be fed during the day while I'm at work. What do you all think?

  • Yes, great idea.   But I feed enough outside for them to be fine during the day and at night------- I like going to the barn 2-3 times to check on my horses.
    Plus I can buy a lot of hay for the money, even for the horses to waste.
  • I see that the post to your message is loosing money feeding 2 times a day. it is a known fact to ask any vet that feeding 2 times a day a horse can only digest 60% of the feed given, because of the large amount being fed. Go to the wen site of Feed Smart.. www.feed-smart.com. I developed this feeder that will feed any time, any times a day and the amount you need. Feeding 4 times a day like we do will convert in a 10-15% savings in your feed bill. The horse will digest about 85-90% feeding smaller amounts and will give you a life as well. How many time would you like to go somewhere @ 4:00 pm and cant because horses need to be fed @5:00. The feeder paid for itself in 6 months for me if I had to buy it. If you have any question give me a call.
    Phone on site.
  • I have seen your product on line before, but I forget - does it only deliver grain or pellets?  How about hay?
    My horse is on free choice grass hay, two kinds of free choice loose minerals, and she only gets enough pellets once a day to deliver her Dynamite supplement.  She stays too fat on what she gets.
    It would be cool if you made a similar product that would continually drop hay from large round bales so it would not get wet or walked on.   Make it adjustable for one, two , three horses, etc.  A hay saver like that would be great!
  • In regards to the metal box on the wall - I would not buy a hay feeder like this.  Because, what happens if there is a foot of snow on top of the feeder?  My horses would scratch themselves on the corners and I don't care for the hinges either.  How long would the hinges work in sub-zero weather?  What if you set the timer to open up during a snowstorm? It is practical only for large operations that don't want to hire stall cleaners, so you better invent a computerized poop picker as well.
    The second round feeder wouldn't work for our horses either because they tip over their current feeder, I really doubt that anything on 3 legs is going to stay in one spot in a pasture without a concrete base.