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Stall mats

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Stall mats
  • Hi everyone. I am new on here and looking forward to chatting. I could really use some help as a lot of what I am doing on my own is new for me. My son was severely wounded overseas and I have received the miracle of his improvement daily. The injury will keep him from being as he once was but he has already regained so much of himself the doctors are stumped. He is truly inspiring. His love of horses has always been part of our life and he has been back in the saddle since January which led to his walking getting stronger. We just bought his horse and she is perfect and we are so excited. I am doing things I never thought I could on my own and loving it. She is at the instructor's barn until we finish setting up things here at home. I need to buy the light weight mats for the 4 stalls in Josh's barn. There is a great buy with free shipping today and I need to shout out for some help. The stalls are 12'4" by 12'4" and the mats come in 49" by 37". I just need to know how many mats for each stall. I would greatly appreciate anyone who could help me out on this one. Thanks, Christine
  • Welcome to the forum!  I wish I could tell you but we don't use mats in our stalls.  Ours is a dirt floor and Phils friend brings in a whole wagon load of wood chips.  We spread that out and the horses just love it!  They get right down in it and just roll like crazy.  LOL  Also makes it real easy to clean the stalls each morning.  Is the barns floor concrete?
  • Aw, sheesh.  I hate math.  But I know I can do this....  *sticks tongue out and graps pencil*
    First, I love the size of the stalls!!! 
    12'4" x 12'4"  would be 148"x148"
    Stall mats are 48"x37"
    37 actually goes into 148 FOUR TIMES!  (I'm a genius)  SHHHH!  Don't talk, you'll mess me up!
    SO if you put them side by side you'd need 4 across.
    48 X 3 = 144
    SO you'd need 3 longways..... I think that's 12.  You'd have about 4 inches left on one end or you could put 2 inches bare on each end.
    Does any of this make sense?  Did I mess up?  I've heard mats make things so easy.  You must have dirt floors to get lightweight mats.  I got some heavy honkin' mats but I don't have a stall yet. [>:]
    AND welcome!  Semper fi to your son.  I'm glad he's getting his vitamin H! [':D']  Here's my "deer in the headlights" look. [:-]
  • http://rubbermats.com/
    Linear Rubber Products.
    Incase you didn't get the other ones, or have further needs here is the company I use (so do TONS of my horse friends)  they are GREAT to deal with and will custom cut to the size you need.  I have the heavy duty ones and LOVE,, LOVE, LOVE them.  I want to get the isle mats (and get rid of my old ones) someday soon.
    Don't be afraid to post if you need anything else.