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Top Ten List (Just for fun)

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Top Ten List (Just for fun)
  • Besides feed, water, and shelter, what are the top 10 things you MUST have for your horse? 
    Mine would be:
    10. Lounge Whip
    9. Crop
    8. Hoof pick
    7. Body brush
    6. Corona... I don't know what that boy gets into, but he's always got a new scrape somewhere
    5. Scissors (to keep that mane in tip top shape!)
    4. Fly Spray
    3. Lead Rope
    2. Halter
    1. Apples
  • oh wow...ten? ok ill try
    10. fly spray
    9.fly mask
    8.soft brush
    7.horse candy
    6.good smelling shampoo(he likes coconut the best lol)
    5.his 'make-up' LOL its roll on fly stuff for his eyes heehee
    4.hoof pick
    2.water hose
    1.grain can
    whoo i made it lol
  • 1. halter
    2. lead rope
    3. crop
    4. fly spray
    5. grain buckets
    6. saddle/ tack
    7. grooming supplies
    8. carrots
    9. hoof pick
    10. detangler spray
    Not necessarily in that order....lol
  • I don't need no stinkin' crop!  (I pick switches off trees) [':D']
    1. Room to move and be a herd.
    2. Tack, nothing fancy.
    3. Truck and Trailer!  What a difference a trailer makes!
    4. Carrot/training stick - it's just fun.
    5. Grooming supplies
    6. First aid supplies (possibly bubble wrap)
    7. Friends to ride with
    8. Caregivers, namely Carla, the therapist (insert heart here) but also other specialists I trust.  Steve the trimmer, Dr. Aiken DVM....
    9. Great weather
    10.  TIME 
  • #1   horse       LOL
    rest of the items afterward in any order.
  • Okay, why not, My top 10!
    10. Asprin (I just don't seems to bounce like I used to, or the ground got harder)
    09. Lo-Jack (okay I heard the whinney come from that direction, He has got to be on this trail somewhere)
    08. Jogging Shoes (how else am I going to get back to the stable, the horse left without me)
    07. Hat (you need something to hide your face with on the walk of shame while your horse laughs at you from behind the barn)
    06. A towel (you should never be without a towel, and the answer is 42)
    05. Friends (well, someone has to come and pick you up out of the mud)
    04. The name of a good horse trainer (yeah, you know that ain't gonna help)
    03. The name of a good horse broker (told ya that wasn't gonna help)
    02. A psychologist (because you are gonna need help)
    01. Whiskey (because you are gonna need help)
  • ROFL!! [':D']
  • ok lets see
    1. Halter
    2. Grooming items
    4.Bathing items
    5 Tack
    6.Hoof pick
    7.First aid kit
  • 10. DynaPro probiotic & DynaSpark electrolyte (cause you just never know when someone's horse is going to stop drinking and/or colic).
    9. quality handmade tack - lasts a lifetime and feels like buttah
    8. sharp clippers - gotta keep them looking dapper
    7. electricity in the barn - doing chores in the dark is just no fun
    6. perfect dirt - arena footing is essential for avoiding body soreness / injury, not to mention that ever essential sliding stop
    5. a good chiropractor - for the horses as well as myself
    4. a quality veterinarian - I know they all went to school and got a degree, but they are not all created equal
    3. a knowledgeable corrective shoer - no foot, no horse it's just that simple
    2. a great dog - who else is going to supervise?
    1. a supportive husband who works hard, is my biggest cheerleader and pays for my habit.
  • 10. Grain (make a horse your best firend)
    9. Curry comb (cause she is never clean) [:@]
    8. Hard Brush ( make sure she is clean)
    7. Tie down ( I use it as a bitless) [8D]
    6. Stool/ steps/ picnic table ( so I can get on bareback)
    5. Camera ( cause pictures are fun)
    4. Lounge line ( cause she might be hyper)
    3. Halter/ lead rope ( I can lead her with one or the other)
    2. Chasta behaving (hahahahaha ROFL.... wow like that will happen)
    1. The love of a horse....
    yep I think that is it...
  • 10. Hoof Pick.
    9. Grooming stuff.
    8. Vet on speed dial. *and farrier*
    7.Extra Hay for the winter.
    5.Lead ropes.
    4.saddle/all tack
    2.First aid kit.
    1. Lotsa vet wrap handy
    *not in order*
  • Ok here goes my top ten!

           10: Love

           9: Previcox

           8: A Rope

           7: Fly Spray

           6: Fly Mask

           5:  Rope Halter

           4: Brushes

           3: Hay



    Wow!  I did it!  Cool! Thx for posting this!

  • all ten to me are LOVE! I rescued my beloved horse...She was at a sell barn and had almost no life left in her. Her weight and feet where a mess. I've only had her almost a year. pictures to come.

  • HI Everybody. Dropping in. I had to think about this one.

    1. A spray bottle of straight vinegar, an extension of my right arm.

    2. The 3 Amigos...the fork, rake and shovel. (better throw a broom and a digging shovel in there.

    3. Blankets  (I have a 29 year old and we're in Canada)

    4. Fly Protection

    5. Good veterinary response.

    6. Brush box and medical kit.

    7.  Basic tack.

    8. A round pen filled with gravel (which I have)

    9. A barn filled with gravel (which I have, lol)

    10. A lawnmower with options and the SO can't touch it.