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My new open air barn (mare motel)

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My new open air barn (mare motel)
  • Last June, I used a small inheritance from my beloved mother to put up a 10 stall barn. I had the pad cut some time ago, but had my identity stolen, so had to put the barn on hold. I am very pleased with this barn. I had it made so I can move the panels to form any size stalls I want. Currently I have 5 12 x 12's on the left and 5 12 x 24's on the right. It is anchored with 75 "pins" drove 2 feet in the ground, doesn't move even in hight winds, USA made with high gage steel and quality craftsmanship. I also had skylights put in. Oh, and did I tell you...I am loving it! Just had to share!
  • This is a view of the inside
  • Hey  that is really nice!! I've never seen a barn like that.  My question is however .  Where do you store the hay,
    your tack,and and other things if its a open barn and the elements are allowed to come through?
  • I have another barn that has two tack rooms...one for me and one for my boarders as well as a huge hay storage area. You can order the new barn completely enclosed or with just an enclosed area for hay and a tack room. I love the feel of the new barn and so do the horses as they can see everything, yet be protected from the elements. There is a hill on the left side of the barn that protects it from the wind and lots of trees. It is very cool in the summer and warm enough in the winter so that I only blanket if it drops down to freezing.
  • Very nice! I'm in the process of deciding exactly what I need. Hadn't thought of skylights....
  • Dana, I have often thought that clear panels in the roof would make my barn nicer.  Easier to do when built than having to do a rebuild.  Am thinking they would work in the run in I hope to get built this year.
  • Love it! A racehorse breeder in the Memphis area has something similar but with stalls down the center. 
  • The skylights are a great plus. Wish my other barn had them, but it would cost too much to add them. Hunterseat, I can change my stalls to any size or position. I paid extra for that feature. Well worth the extra $.