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jumping bareback!!

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jumping bareback!!
  • have any of you jumped bareback??  ive seen some videos of Alycia Burton and its amazing...  i think im gonna try sometime it sounds like so much fun!![:D]    im planning on ending up on the ground a few times!![8D]
  • Yes, bareback is great to get your muscle memory developed. (which comes in real handy when you get old, take it from me!) If you're a good jumper in a saddle then why not? 
  • I used to and my daughters certainly do, although no more than about 2 feet.
  • I did not have an English saddle, so I jumped bareback. Had a wonderful 16 hand Morgan mare that was fun to jump. We would go over 3 feet. Back then I rode bareback A LOT, and was good at it. Now I'm old and wouldn't dream of riding bareback OR jumping (even with a saddle [';)'] ).
  • I still ride bareback when I just want a quick ride or horse is to dirty,lol. I haven't jumped bareback in some time, but used to all the time. My kids had to learn bareback for muscle and balance. 
  • I used to ride and jump bareback all the time until I got into my 50's. Now I take less chances as it is harder for us old folks to heal. I still will ride bareback around the ranch on occasion, and love the feel of the horse moving beneath me. You can't get any closer than that!
  • Find an area with lots of soft ground !

  • LOL Agreed!!

  • I used to own a Morab gelding who was just a natural at it. I'm not a jumper, but I would just put barrels on their sides and jump them. Not the smartest thing i've done, but i was young!