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Opinion request for project
  • I'm still working on my "mock business plan", and I have to make list of the services I will provide at my mock boarding facility. I was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas of a service that would make you pick boarding your horse in one place over another. Are there any that you wish a facility would offer? I'd really appreciate any request whatso ever! :)
  • A good equine vet on call.  Knowledgeable caregivers.  Daily turnout.  Indoor arena.  Restrooms.  Washer for blankets.  Individual tack space.  A lounge for the boarders.  Access to trails.  Either grooms quarters near the horses or an intercom system  between the barn and the people in charge.

    I think that would do it for me.

    Good luck with your project.
  • ... access to 
    round pen Trainer
    Equine chiro and/or massage therapist
    Someone to cook me lunch.

  • Heated tack room and warm water wash station.  12x12 stalls with adjoining paddocks.  Helmet requirement.
    I have to say I don't like places where the dogs are allowed to roam about freely during lessons into the path of riders on VERY BIG HORSES.  Not that it's ever happened to me.  (Misty Meadows, Delaware) [':D']  (I really did love that place, though.  except for that.)
  • Pepsi machine in the lounge.
  • Feeding three times a day and stalls picked/cleaned twice a day. (I wish I could do that at home!)
    I like the soda machine idea ':)' And the helmet requirement. How about showers to clean up after a long ride?
  • Thanks for the ideas everybody! I appreciate the help. I'm sure I'll have more questions in the future. [':)']
  • Here is what my local favorite indoor has.
    10 x 12 stalls with open/attached small paddock turn-out one one side of the barn
    12x14 stalls across the aisle
    heated tack room with LARGE locker storage so you can lock your stuff up
    heated indoor wash stall
    outdoor wash rack (fits 4 horses VERY easily)
    2 story heated viewing room/lounge area that over looks the arena.
    Large capacity washer & dryer
    full kitchen
    full bathroom
    horse trailer available for emergency use only (not to go to a show, but get your horse to a vet)
    2 farriers come in on a regular rotation or you may have your own
    vet available
    equine dentist available
    cross-ties or tie stalls available to groom
    dogs allowed on property but NOT in the in-door or outside work arena
    helmets required for those under 18.  Adults need to sign a waiver if you choose not to wear one (LIKE ME)
    friends of boarders are allowed to haul in and ride with proof of shots for a $5 fee
    barn is trainer open (you can have yours come)
    arena may be signed out for use for a $10 per hour fee for boarders and $25 for non-boarders ( you can have the arena privately for yourself)
    They will blanket your horse with set guidelines (below what you request for an outside temp) for an additional $25 a month.
    halter, and blanket racks are on the stall doors
    feed 4 times daily
    private turn out paddocks
    stalls cleaned at least 2 times daily (most days 3)
  • I big issue for me has always been the appearance. Peeling paint and leaning fence post tell me that the owner/manager either does not have time to do upkeep or does not care. Most people I think are willing to pay more for a quality product...in this case a well kept stable.
  • Things I must have that haven#%92t been mentioned: (keep in mind I show)
    Private turn out
    Routine feeding times and custom feeding if needed
    Hot water wash rack
    Blanket changing (usually 1 or 2 per day)
    Electrical plug ins
    Horse trailer parking
    Indoor or covered arena 

    Would like to have:
    The ability to bring in my own vet/ferrier/trainer (if I can#%92t I just haul out anyway) 
    Live in caretaker.