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Opening a New Stable.

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Opening a New Stable.
  • Hello, im recently opening a horse facility in my area. However this is my first farm that im operating. I dont have a name. I just need any tips. Like when the best time to get hay or whats the best feed or combination of feed to give that will satisfy even the pickiest horse since i will have boarders. If you would like to help out please dont hesitate to volunteer your knowledge.

  • Are you going to give lessons or only board?

    If you want, you can have to alternatives: full board and free board. In full board you feed the horses, turn them out etc., in free board it's the responsibility of the owner.

    How many stalls do you want to have? I'd have at least one stall for sick horses or foaling mares.

    If you want to give lessons, have at least 5 lesson horses, three of them being beginner horses.

    Of course you have to have a philosophy and a concept for prices. Have a website where you put all those things up. Look out which trails can be used. Look out what you can give the boarders, what makes your barn unique.

    Also decide if you have a tack room or each border has his own tack locker. Does every boarder have to organize food and bedding? Do you have social events? Do you have a café or another room where people can sit, talk and eat/drink something?

    You could make regular shows (once a year) to get publicity. Also if you have an indoor arena (outdoor too, really) and give lessons, you should have times when the boarders can go and when you need it for lessons. Do the boarders have to pay additionally to use the arena? Do you offer to ride/train their horses?

    As for names, you should consider what you want to say: do you want it to sound exclusive or homie? Do you want to include your geographical sight or the goals you have?

    That's all for now but I'm sure I'll come up with more [':)'] Hopefully I could help at least a bit!
  • I already have a barn. I have a 24 stall barn. With a 200x50 Indoor Arena with two tack rooms & feed room plus a viewing room in the indoor. There's also a indoor wash room.  With no outdoor arena at the moment. I would like to specialize on a Hunter/Jumper facility. Where i can board some horses & breed top quality performance horses.  As for the name i have one i live in  place where there's a ton of trees and rolling hills and green grass So i have Green Valley Sporthorses or Blue Mountain Sporthorses as two options. Im leaning more towards Green Valley Sporthorses.

    My Services will be:

    Some Lessons to boarders to start off.
  • Here are some pictures of my facility. I have other pics but dont know how to get them on here. Pics are attached.

  • Beautiful barn btw ! ':)'

    Okay, so you won't need school horses. Make sure of course to have enough place for your own horses ':)'

    I'd say that you make a board at the entrance or in the viewing room where everyday you post:
    - Timetable (when is turnout, when is lessons etc.)
    - A list where boarders can write when they need/want the arena.
    - Who is getting shod, who is getting dewormed, when the vet/farrier comes etc. (I'd make an appointment where multiple persons can participate.)
    - Who has to run what chores (if you divide that)
    - When next shows/clinics are
    - General Barn rules  - Job offers
    - wanted/ sale
    and whatever else

    I'd also go for Green Valley Sporthorses, sounds more nature-oriented, while the other one seems more competition-oriented (blue--> ribbon)

    Really plan what offers you have and what your philosophy is: so and so many stalls, so much turnout time, such goals, tack room or lockers... all these sorts of things which prospective boarders want to know. And decide for something that makes your barn unique. Then make a thoroughly informative and appealing website where you write all these things in.

    Again, whenever I come up with more, I'll post ';)'

  • more pics
  • okay thank you. Pics were added. Its a thrill and a dream that i finally got to have. i just dont know how to plan all of this lol.
  • I'd say you answer to these questions:

    - How many boarders do I accept?
    - How much will I concentrate on one discipline (h/j)?
    - How much do I want to do for boarders, how much do they have to do themselves?
    - Which of my offers is most important for me and will take up most time?
    - What would I want from a barn to board at and how can I apply this to my barn?
    - What people do I want to attract?
    - What makes my barn unique?
    - How can I promote my barn?

    more to come, I'm going to eat dinner now ':)'
  • Part 2:

    - What levels do I want to have at my barn?
    - How many employees do I want to have?
    - What are things that may not be so good at my barn and how can I compensate it?
    - What image do I want to achieve? What should people think of it?
    - What is very important to me, that my horses have?
    - What is my approach when training a horse?
    - What will be my final goal (e.g.: success at shows, many boarders, familiar feeling, not too much work)?

    Whenever I think of more I'll post it!
  • Love your place.  Wish we were compatible, but I have carriage horses.  Not many other breeds/diciplines are compatible.  Oh well, too far to commute from No. Cal. anyway, LOL![';)']
    By the by; don't take in free-boarders.  It's just too much trouble, take it from me.  If they don't like your hay, then they can find another facility.   With one like yours, they'll be hard put to get a better one.[';)']
    Congrats on realizing your dream.  The farm really looks like a dream come true itself.[':)']
  • It's interesting that the 2 sets of pictures don't look like they are even from the same property. 
    Pretty places.