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  • I Just Put A New wood fence inside of my run in to keep my four horses out of the round bails of hay,and to alow them to eat but not tramp in it.the problem is they have started to chew on the new pt wood.what can i use to stop or deture them from doing this?  anny help would be great.
  • Maybe cover the top of the plank with sheet metal or wire?   You could do wire really cheaply, I think.

    WELCOME, by the way!!!  What kind of horses are we talking here?  You might have to send them to MY house!  That'll take care of your problem!!  [':D']
  • i have two dark bay standerd bred ex trotter race horses a gelding(9yr) and a mare(7yr),one chestnut tennasee walker/quater horse mix mare(21 yr).also one throughbread chestnut  3yr old unbroken mare.the two bays i adopted from a horse rescue.the mix was given to me by a lady that didn't have enough room for her,and the other girl was given to me by a lady that didn't have time to spend with her.they are like 1200 lb dogs! they will follow you everywhere to get treats.(not spoiled)we are going to try to get 501 3-c non profit status and open a horse rescue.i have the chance to take on two more now but don't want to take on the expence till i can get this to happen.
  • Welcome and I will warn you Hunt is a STB NUT (she is nuts too, but we like her just the same).
    I use stop chew/no chew stain on EVERYTHING.  It is a bit pricey but works great and a little of it does go along way.
    I have also used a&nbsp';p'epper, tabasco, chili powder, veg. oil mixture too and that works, but is a pain to keep reapplying.
    Good luck on getting the 501 (c) status, takes a while, but is worth it.
  • Awww.... Tanya!  You so sweet!  [':D']
    Mine came from a rescue in Wisconsin.  A.S.A.P.
    Here's Bullwinkle.  He's gone blind fairly recently. Seems recent anyway.  I guess January.  Never really made it on the track but did hunter/jumper and dressage in his day.  He's my old man, probably 22.
  • Master Miles is my hero horse, winning over $700,000 lifetime while people destroyed his ankle. [:@] You will NEVER see a more pin-fired horse.  His last start was at age 12.  Destined for the glue factory, Miles was rescued by a former owner, George Bonomo, a credit to the racing industry! [':)']  I got him as a pasture ornament, not knowing Bully would be one, too.  [:-] He's alpha.
  • My riding horse, a natural born pacer, is Zagnut.  Such a character!
    Zag won $47,000 but was pulled because he got sore.  He was 7 when he was retired.  I have a cart for him and need a harness.
  • That's not the best picture of him.....
  • What your horses are doing is not cribbing, its called wood chewing. This is a habit that horses can develop out of boredom, lack of minerals in their diet, or just plain old wanting something to eat. I would suggest either putting a metal covering over the top of the fence (pricey and time consuming) or try playing with adding a vitamin supplement to their diets. Let us know how it goes! ':)'
  • What is cribbing?

    Cribbing is when a horse swallows air. Some horses do this by grasping a stationary object, such as a fence board or post, with their upper teeth, then arching their necks and pulling usually making a grunting sound. Other horses crib by resting their incisors on an object without grasping it, still others rest their chin on an object and swallow air. Some horses, however, do not use an object at all, but move their lips, close their mouths, flex and arch their necks, swallow air and grunt without grasping. Cribbing is often confused with wood chewing, another vice. Wood chewing however, is when a horse actually bites and chews wood, destroying fences and barns. Cribbing is also sometimes referred to as wind sucking, or swallowing.

    Cribbing can lead serious health problems, such as poor digestion, colic, and various dental problems.

    I always called that wind sucking and this little article explains (to me) why I do.  I did think wood chewing was a form of cribbing.  One of mine does that - chews wood usually when he's eating his food, he likes to lay his lips along something and ends up chewing the wood with the feed.  His diet is perfect, though. [':D']  Actually, I'm going to start buying the big blue tubs of free choice minerals at TSC.