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Round pen size

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Round pen size
  • Im looking at making a round pen. What size is the best? Is there a set size? Any info would be great.
  • Hey Matt,
      Nice to see you again.  We need to talk horses again.

    My round pen is 60 ft. diameter.  I like to ride in it as I have room to move a horse out more and work patterns.  To work on the ground it is a little big, and I have to move around more, but I need the excercise.

    A dear friend/trainer has a 50 ft and that works great on the ground and riding.  It is a little snug working a horse at a faster pace or cutting across to work patterns.

    I worked in a 40 ft before, and it was tight to work a horse in, but you were close to correct them if needed.

    Ideally I would keep my 60 ft, or go to a 55ft.  JMHO
  • I built mine at 60 foot. I also put one large 12' swing gate on one side, and another two 6 foot swing gates directley across from the main gate.
    At the time I built mine I had a horse who was a trailer atheist! I backed my trailer up to the two six foot gates with them swung out, then tied the gates off to the sides of my trailer. The horse was worked in the round pen, and allowed to relax in the trailer. Worked out OK.
  • the roundpen I use it 60ft, and the play pen that I also use is 50 I believe, but not positive
  • 60ft.  Big enough for anything!  Even free lunging two big horses! [':)']
    DaneHaven's Tonto and the lovely ENGLISH FOXHUNTING Beau. [':D']
  • Thanks all. Im going to see if i have enough room to do a 60 ft tonight. Im just starting to get ready now. I had to clear trees and bruch to get the area ready so i hope i can afford to put it in this fall or next spring.
  • Once you do it you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

    Keep us posted and YOU NEED TO STOP IN MORE!!!!!!!
  • Keep us posted and YOU NEED TO STOP IN MORE!!!!!!!

    I know. Life has been busy. Working, and redoing my whole farmstead. But now im all planted so i got a little time to relax. But I got 1 week to get all my haying stuff ready. Im cutting next week if weather lets me.  And when I get time im working horses. And trying a more calm way of training.
  • Matt,
      EMPTY YOUR IN BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I emptyed it