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Help! Please
  • I am a college student, i work full time, and own a horse. the problem is that now i just dont have the time or money for my horse right now so im trying to sell him.
    My roomate has a 4 stall barn 3 horses and 2 ponies + my horse so there isnt a lot of room for him anyways but here colt is coming home soon in a couple weeks and my horse needs to go unfortunatley but i cant afford board any where else.
    hes a great 4-h horse too and i dont just want to give him away. a mutual friend said that she might take him for the summer but at the end of the summer i'll be in the same situation.
    so any suggestions?
  • My suggestion is not to cross post on the same board. 

    Why don't you put him on some of the online sales places and see if someone wants to buy him?  You're saying you have to sell him so.... sell him.