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Wash Area Pics or Ideas

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Wash Area Pics or Ideas
  • I am building a wash area at my barn and if any of you could help me by sending me some pics and or measurements of yours or the one at the barn where you board i would be very appreciative as i would love to do it right the first time and not have to turn around and redo it right after i complete it. So if you have any ideas or experiences on how to or what not to do when building a wash area it would be great.
  • You must be in East TN.  I googled you.  TWH's?

    I'd put in the swinging arm overhead like in a car wash. 

    Make it big enough to get a big horse in and turn around.  Zag doesn't do too well backing into wash racks.

    Just a note about the instant hot water tanks.  My friend has one for her shower (Texas) and it works great.  We have a small one at work under a hand sink.  If the water flow is too fast it doesn't give it time to heat up.  It took a while to figure out the aerator was missing which restricts the flow.  Once we got it put on, it worked great.  Just mentioning it because it matters if you go that route to have the right stuff.  The hand sink sized one probably wouldn't do too well for a wash rack.  Or you'd have to keep the flow down for it to heat.
  • From what I have seen around here, most wash bays are 12'x12', which is what we put in our barn. Plenty of room to turn a horse around. It also has a stall window which can be closed. The horses that do not want to go into the bay seem to relax some if we let them walk in and then go look out the window for a few secs. This is also where the vet does her thing, so make sure you good lighting!