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Any opinions on using alumashield fence by Buckley Fence?

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Any opinions on using alumashield fence by Buckley Fence?
  • I am planning on putting up an arena for training our horses and was considering using the Alumashield fence by Buckley Fence.   Anybody have any experience with this type of fence for an arena?
    Thanks for any suggestions and opinions!
    Ron Yates
  •   I would want a smooth top rail to an arena.  Those knobs look perfect to grab a stirrup or rein when you ride by and if you had the misfortune of unloading and landing on one....
  • I think the whole line of their fencing looks really nice.  
    Where are you located Ron? Does that make a difference in your decision?
  • I'm in northern California.  I am still deciding whether to go with the Alumashield fence, or possibly the 440 FENCE.
    It's such a tough choice!
  • Okay, you pass.  I was seeing if maybe you were advertising the alumashield.  It WAS your one and only post, after all! 
    But since you're so social, can we see your horses? [':)']

    Which of the 440 fence?  I rode in Montgomery AL and they had that flat vinyl fencing in black.  It was really nice.  I absolutely LOVE the pipe and cable look, not sure why.  I think that's my favorite.  The pipe always looks so much cleaner and neater than rail, I think.  Texas has a LOT of pipe fencing.
  • Ok, you asked and you shall receive.  Here is my Rosie taking me on a ride in the high Sierra's!
  • WOW!  That looks just like where Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was filmed!!!  [':D']
    Actually it looks like a staged photo with a beautiful scenery in the background.  Oooh that would be cool, you could pose with your horse on the moon!  Ooops.... I got a little off track. 
    I'd feel like I'd died and gone to heaven if I had scenery like that to ride in. Very nice!  Thanks for showing us your Rosie.  Looks like a great horse!  Not too bad yerself cowboy! [':D']