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a new horse book I want your ideas

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a new horse book I want your ideas
  • i'm working on writing a horse book that want all horse people to have use for on a regualr basis. i.e. help with feeding, pasture managment, health care, equipment, est. that can be used to help train staff students and reassure you when you have a question.
    What would you guys as horse people like to see in a book, like to know more about, or just wish you would have known before it happened?
    I really want to know, and there will be a big thank you to all the people that contributed their ideas or story, or want to making a book you can really use.
  • Feed and nutrition are HUGE for me.  I have spent a fair amount of time checking into that area.  The hard part is hay is different all across the country, so you would have to do either a blanket feed topic, or break it down by region.
    I do believe that people need to look more into preventitive measures now than they did, regarding, feed, shots, feet, etc.
    Also a section on TALKING WITH YOUR VET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry, but HUGE pet peeve of mine) would be great.  Knowing when to call the vet and the importance of having your vet out for a check up at least once if not twice a year.
    Some major things seem to be coming back and people are just not informed to vaccinate-EEE, WNV, Rabies, etc.
  • I've done some research on hay for pasture management.  I've spent money on seed (it's expensive!) that was a waste.  I didn't do it right and it wasn't the best seed for this area.  SO I'd love to see someone put a "hay guide" like a nursery catalog including a map with zones and you can tell the best zone for certain types of hay.

    I went to a great little seminar on forage at the Ag center.  AFTER I wasted the money.

    Also, best fencing, cross fencing, pasture rotation w/worming schedule.
  • Some basic health problems. Such as covering colic, diearea, bad comformation(as sometimes it's so bad the horse can't be ridden) Some basic first aid, like if the horse get's a cut. What to have in your first aid kit. And when it's nessesary to call the vet.
  • I'd love to see a section on natural horsemanship ':)' Just me
  • Please don't write another book stating the same thing every other book has already stated plus one or two new things.
    If you truly have a unique perception on a horse-related topic (or any topic), I will be the first one in line to spend my money to hear what you have to say.  If like 95 percent of the books out there, you are just rehashing old ideas in new words and signing your name to it, please spare me and a tree and don't do it.
    Just my opinion.  Thanks.