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Looking for good trail horse.

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Looking for good trail horse.
  •   I think I am finally ready to begin looking for another riding horse for myself.  For a while after I lost Brandy and Tiny, I couldn't bear the thought of trail riding the same trails together with my mom on a different horse.  The thought was just too painful.  So mom and I have been sharing the new mare Blue, one of us walking while the other rides, and then we switch. 
      However, I think I am ready for another horse now.  I am looking to give a nice senior gelding a home.  I am not particular as to breeds, though I am particular to Appendix QHs, QHs, and Morgans.  I would like a calm, sane trail gelding, age 18 years or older.  I really don't have a lot of time to train, and my riding depends on the weather, so I need a horse that can go several weeks in between rides, and still be quiet and obedient when ridden.
      If you are in the upstate NY area, and you have a horse that fits these criteria, please contact me.
  • I encourage you to consider a Standardbred.  Totally sane horses.  Trustworthy.  Nearly bombproof, evidenced by the number of movie extra horses which are Stb's.  There are many adoptable Stb's of all ages.  Also, they have been handled incredibly alot.  Loading, grooming, feet done, teeth done, shots, harnessing...  they have a great work ethic, love to get on the trail.  After the first little gasp when a bike came around the trail, Zag began anticipating them with ears forward and enjoyed seeing them!  Never once startled when we passed one.  You'll be able to relax on a Standardbred.  They are totally people horses!
  •   Oh, I know.  I have worked with quite a few Standardbreds in the past, and they were all wonderful horses.  But, usually the rescues only have younger ones, that still need to be trained to ride.  And while I know that Standardbreds learn quick, I just don't have the time to really do any kind of involved training.  Touching up and older trained horse I can do, but not start one from scratch.
      Actually I think I have found "the one."  He's in New Hampshire, not NY, but I am going to be looking at him in a couple of weeks.  He's 20, a QH mix, docile in a herd,a great trail horse, and the funniest thing is, he's a cremello, which is the color that my mare Blue is.
  • I hope that horse works out for you.  If he doesn't I encourage you to check out a Norwegian Fjord.  There are quite a few in the North East and there always seems to be people trying to rehome their beloved horse due to illness (of the owner, not the horse) or death, or what not.  They're very hardy, they have GREAT feet, they're very sane and willing to work...My 3 year old acts like a 20 year old.  They have calm friendly dispositions and although they are a small draft they are very agile and graceful.  My fjord surprised the heck out of the trainer with his abilities. 
  •   you know, the funny thing is, I was offered a Fjord, a 7 1/2 year old.  I have always wanted a Fjord, and I know they can be very calm, but I would feel better with an older mount.  I really don't have the time(or the facilities) to do any kind of schooling.
  • oooh!  7 1/2!   I can't imagine what Reidar will be like at 7 1/2!  He's so mellow as it is.  Really very unflappable.  He does spook at dogs... but that's about the only thing I've found.  He could care less about shower curtains, milk jugs, flags, grain dryers, kids on dirt bikes.  This past summer I went out to try to desensitize him to things and half the time he just fell asleep.  Don't get me wrong, he still does like to play but once we're out of the pasture he knows it's time for work.  The breed is known for having great heart and being very honest.  There's a reason they are so popular at therapeutic riding facilities.
  • BTW, did that quarter horse work out for you?
  • ve a TB mare for adoption; she is @ 18 yrs, very healthy, but I haven't ridden for 5-6 yrs.  I got her in 94 off the track and did h/j's, hunter paces x-country, some schooling dressage, etc.  She is a sweetheart, but has a scar in rt forefoot from old stone abscess leaving her a little off when ridden on a circle.  She loves other horses, currently goes out daily with several mares at the same private stable for most of the day.

    She's in N. PA, near Bucks County, but trailers well and that is an easy transport area with the shows, etc.

    If interested, call 215-514-7269
  •   Actually, I answered an ad on Craigslist.  The horse was so skinny and needed a good home so much that I bought him on the spot.  Norman is a 14 hand red roan possibly Appy mix gelding.  My vet says he is in his early to mid 20s, and he is calm and saddle trained.  Once he packs on some pounds, I am hoping to hit the trails with him.
      Here's Norman the day I got him.
  • In Arlington Oregon. Looking for a gentle  soul  at least 15 H or more to join our family on a small 20ac farm;) Absolutely beautiful pasture and pen waiting. This will be a forever home. I have ridden all my life but due to cancer 15 yeas down now I do need gentle. Also would love to  be kid friendly as have grandchildren that visit. Age does not really matter but cost does. If you have or know of someone that does have please message me


  • Wonderful  15 hand draft cross mare, cute personality, great trail horse.  I think she's about 15 years old.  Current on teeth, vaccines, etc. In SoCal though, $800.