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Collegiate Saddle For Sale!

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Collegiate Saddle For Sale!
  • So I am selling my AP Collegiate saddle, since it isn't wide enough for my two mares.

    The saddle style is a Collegiate Alumnus All Purpose Saddle. It was [font="verdana"] made when Collegiates were sold by Millers and made by Ruiz Diaz -- the "RD" under the logo by the stirrup bar--who is apparently the designer of the original Pessoas. [/font]It has a 17 and 1/2 seat and a medium sized tree. Billets are in great condition.


    Other than general wear, the saddle only has a couple of cosmetic flaws. The seat has a wrinkle in the middle, and the pommel binding is a little torn. Just to be sure of the tree's soundness from the wrinkle, I had the saddle tree checked by a respected tack store. They said that the saddle was completely fine and that the wrinkle was just from use. The pommel binding is also just a cosmetic issue.

    With the saddle, I have included a pair of HDR stirrup leathers that I bought from Dover this spring. They are in great shape and were $69 new. Here they are from the website: http://www.doversaddlery.com/hdr-sti...1-06847/cn/90/

    The stirrup irons are pretty nice shape as well. I don't know what brand they are though, since they came with the saddle when I bought it.

    Anyway, this is a great saddle, and I am really bummed to have to let it go. If I had a horse that it would fit, I would keep it in a second!

    Here are some pictures:

    Model Number(?--ART 6534) and Seat Size (17 1/2):


    Feel free to ask any questions! [:)]

    Asking $400 OBO
  • Oh man oh man oh man.... *drool, slobber, cold sweating*
    Do secret santa this year!  C'mon you guys!!!  We havent' done a secret santa in a while!  I'll collect names, catandminot will probably draw my name and VIOLA! [':D']  You already have my gift!! [':D'][':D'][':D']
    Okay? [':)']
    Honestly, you might as well keep it. 
    At least until I can come up with the cash!
  • Just wanted to add that all offers are definitely considered and that shipping is included with purchase of the saddle [':)']
  • STOP IT!  I'm not listening....la la la....
  • Hahaha You know you want it!![';)']  jk

  • I also wouldn't mind doing a 7-day trial period to make sure it fits the buyers horse. If it doesn't end up fitting, the buyer just pays for the shipping. If it does fit I'll pay for the shipping, and the buyer just pays for the saddle.
  • What kind of horses do you have?  Any pics?
  • Hunter.....wouldn't you prefer to have a Stubben dressge saddle?
    JK......good luck on selling the saddle. Keep working on Hunter, she KNOWS she want this saddle!
  • Hi Everyone! Im new here.. Ive got what could be very good news. I also have a collegiate saddle it is also an RD. I believe it to be a 16 inch seat. I will remeasure it. I have a wide tree'd saddle and sadly it does not fit  my high withered boy. Its a nice brown color .. Im suggesting that maybe your saddle would fit my horse and that mine may just work for yours! If your interested Ill take some pics and get them out to you
    Hopefully this can work out..
  • Well if it's a 16", that's going be too small.  I'm going to need at least a 17".  I'm also in the process of possibly buying a dressage saddle instead, so that was one of the reasons for selling it to "fund" the dressage saddle! hahaha

    However if it is larger than a 16", I wouldn't mind taking a look at it.  Otherwise I may just end up keeping this one for my bf to use with his future Tb one day... but that's if I end up not being able to sell it.