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Gorgeous Stubben Dressage Saddle

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Gorgeous Stubben Dressage Saddle
  • 2002 Stubben Roxane D saddle for sale.
    Hate to sell it but it does not fit my daughter well, fits Rum, 16.2 Dutch WB/TB beautifully, and we have a Kieffer that she prefers.
    Excellent condition. 18 in seat, 32 cm tree (largest made by Stubben), black. Born in 2002.
    $1300 negotiable (new one is over $2500) I will include shipping for anyone on this forum



  • Hi mom2rumthewarmblood!  I joined this forum just to ask you about this saddle after doing a Google Search for the Stubben Roxane D!  ':o'
    First, is the saddle still available?
    A couple of other questions...is it a size 32 tree or a 32XW (sometimes listed as 32W for warmblood)?  How long was the saddle used (it looks almost brand new in the pictures)?
    Finally, could you take a picture of the numbers stamped into the flap?
    Thanks a bunch!
  • Hi!
    Yes the saddle is still available....
    The number on the saddle flap is#6780188.
    Email me at [email=mrsmojo1@gmail.com]mrsmojo1@gmail.com[/email] and I can send you the email from them.
    I contacted Stubben and have the email from them with the info on the saddle. It is a 32cm tree, nothing about being a "W".
    I bought the saddle from the original owner about 2 years ago. My daughter probably has not used it more than 5 or 6 times. She has a Kieffer that fits her leg better. Originally we thought the Kieffer was too small for her horse but had a saddle fitter check it and it fits him perfectly so that is the dressage saddle she uses. It is in excellent condition and is a gorgeous saddle.