I have a Parelli Natural Horsemanship Level 1 'Partnership' and carrot stick that I purchased in 2006 as a part of the SAFE combo kit. Cannot locate the rope halter and lead rope, but I have gently used the program and carrot stick, and no longer need it. If you are looking to develop a better relationship with your horse(s), this program is a great tool! Your horse will thank you for it. Contents: -Level 1 Case -Success map (Has a few boxes on the map checked, but otherwise in good condition) -Theory Guide -Audio CD "The Six Keys of Success" -The SIX DVD's and DVD holder case -SEVEN Pocket Guides -Log Book (Was written in with a pencil, erased and ready to be written in again! Only missing a few log pages, but plenty more to be used!) -Level 2 Prep. Guide I also have a 25 min DVD on the basic Parelli concepts I will include. Please contact me if you are interesting, asking $200 for ENTIRE Level 1 set and Carrot Stick, but that is quite negotiable. They were worth around $300 brand new. Feel free to ask any questions! My email is: [email=kelleehorseperson@yahoo.com]kelleehorseperson@yahoo.com[/email] Blessings!