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Collegiate Alumnus All Purpose Saddle--17.5"

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Collegiate Alumnus All Purpose Saddle--17.5"
  • [size="5"]FOR SALE!
    COLLEGIATE "Alumnus" All-Purpose Saddle[/size]
    Tree Size:

    Seat Size: 17 ½"
    Color: Dark Havana
    Model Number: ART6534
    Suggested Retail Price: $850
    Starting Auction Price: $300

    This is a Collegiate Alumnus All Purpose Saddle. It was made when Collegiate saddles were sold by Millers and made by Ruiz Diaz noted with the "RD" under the logo by the stirrup bar.  (Ruiz Dias was also the designer of the original Pessoas saddles.)
    The saddle has a 17 and 1/2 seat and a medium sized tree. Billets are in great condition.  Stirrups and irons are NOT included!!

    Other than general wear, the saddle only has a couple of cosmetic flaws. The seat has a wrinkle in the middle, and the pommel leather binding is a little torn.  (See the 4th picture above)
    Just to be sure of the tree's soundness from the wrinkle, I had the saddle checked by a well respected local tack store. They said that the saddle was completely fine and that the wrinkle was just from use. The pommel binding is also just a cosmetic issue.

    Anyway, this is a great saddle, and I am really disappointed to have to let it go. If I had a horse that it would fit, I would keep it in a second!

    Detailed Reviews from http://www.horsetackreview.com/review-display/484.html:

    “This is one of the most comfortable saddles I have ever ridden in. The seat is deep, soft and comfortable with a high back for those over jumped cross-country fences. The saddle flap is forward enough to jump comfortably (I have heavy thighs so I keep my stirrups short and can ride comfortably, but my 5' 9'' friend can jump in the same saddle just as well) but discrete enough to drop those few holes for dressage and still be comfortable. The knee roll is suede with a foam knee block under the flap. The saddle although foam flocked is extremely forgiving and lets me jump with out a bounce pad for any horse. It fits the assortment of horses I ride as well as my own guy. This is a truly comfortable ride with a great horse and rider fit.”
    Saddle is listed on ebay with a starting auction price of $300 and a "Buy it Now" price of $450.

    I would be happy to post additional photos and information upon request. :)

    Thanks for looking!  

  • *sniff*  [':o']
      [&o]   *snivel*
     [':('][':('][':(']        *waaaaah!!*

    (I wrote you TWO messages!!)

    ps.  have I not demonstrated adequate love for your saddle.  you KNOW it would have a good home!  And be loved! [':)']

  • And I have pm'ed you back to both of them ';)' 
  • It is a gorgeous saddle.
  • Thanks!! I love it, but my mares are just WAY too wide for it.. ':('

  • Well the saddle didn't end up selling on ebay last weekend. But I relisted it and updated the pictures. Here is the link: Collegiate Alumnus All Purpose Saddle--17.5" - eBay (item 180593356183 end time Dec-04-10 18:22:54 PST)

    I also took a TON of pictures today of the saddle including many of the tree, knee rolls, and measurements for another prospective buyer. They can all be seen at Collegiate pictures by LH--2005 - Photobucket

    Here are some examples:
    Knee Rolls:

    Cut Back Pommel:

    Saddle Gullet:

    Tree from the side:

    Tree from Bottom:

    Left Panel from Bottom:

    Right Panel from Bottom:

    Panel shape from rear:

  • I still want it.  I missed the auction, sorry.  I'm on the other side of the world until June but I THINK we can ship it to DaneHaven's and I can pick it up there.  I'll try to send you other messages.  I hope you have it!! 
    You decided not to sell it with stirrups?  I think I've got some extra.
    DUH you stated it in the op.  not included. 
  • I THINK we can ship it to DaneHaven's and I can pick it up there. 

    [8|] OK I suppose you'll need one of those when you get here... 
    Email/pm me if/when you guys make your deal and I'll take care of the details.

  • Haven't heard back yet but if I can get it I'll just paypal her and all you'll need to do is pick it up.... you can borrow it if you want! [':)']
  • This saddle is SOLD!!! 
    [':D']  TO ME!!  *happy dancing*
    Now I've got to get cat my Harper address.....  *rifles through paperwork* 
  • You do!!  ':)'

    I'm so glad that you ended up with it!  It makes me happy that it's going to a home that already loves it! haha

  • OK I'll just wait to for it to show up unless you need me to do something? 
    I probably won't borrow it though. [8|] 
    You should be the first to ride it, maybe on Tex?
  • yay!!!  My saddle is in Texas!!  woo hoo!!!
    Seriously, Mary?  Tex?  That would be fantastic!!!  Don't let me forget stirrups pad and girth!!!  Oh, and Chatter!  Gotta remember to pick him up on the way, too!!! [':D']