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Texas Saddlery Saddles for Sale, Boerne, TX

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Texas Saddlery Saddles for Sale, Boerne, TX
  • I have 2 Texas Saddlery Saddles 16" and they have barely been used. They've been stored in a closet for years and in excellent condition. They're great roping/working saddles and I have the tack to go with them. Also have a 3rd saddle in good condition - don't know the brand on that one. It was an award saddle and has silver name plate on the back of seat, which can be changed out. Anyone know where I can sell all of them and a saddle tree and halters??
  • Hi woozy.

    I moved your post here to the used tack for sale section.

    There is a good tack store in Bandera that sells used saddles.

    I have two saddles I need to take there myself. I'm in Harper.

  • I bought my late, great Stuben there!! :)