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Wanted: Brown English Bridle to fit TB

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Wanted: Brown English Bridle to fit TB
  • Good condition please, best if includes bit and/or reins! Can pay up to $50 or so.
  • There are a couple on horse.com.  Have you seen them?  I just got a nice bridle on ebay for $21 free shipping.  It's new.   I'll sell it to you for $25 [':D']  It's black, though.
  • Hi,
    I have a few new high quality pre conditioned leather Full size (TB) bridles. These are soft and supple. Even in the coldest of conditions these bridles remain soft and supple. Pre conditioned/oiled ready to go!. Love Them!
    One bridle is Plain raised Havanna, one bridle is double raised, one bridle is white padded and other is Fancy Stitched Havanna. They all include laced reins. They retail for $139. Will sell half price for $75 shipped directly to you at no additional cost. Can also include a bit 5" if you would like. I Accept paypal, Check, MO or Visa or MC.