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Very New 16in English Jumping Saddle

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Very New 16in English Jumping Saddle
  • Very New 16in English Jumping Saddle. EXCELLENT CONDITION!  St. Lourdes, Bull series saddle. Gel Foam panels and knee rolls. Smooth Oak Leather. Standard, medium tree. High Twist pommel, Great for TBs. VERY COMFY SEAT. Kept in air conditioning. Cleaned after every use!
    Email for Pictures...
    or go to url of new saddle :: http://tinylink.com/?9x9RY46wtv
    Located in Florida, United States

       <-- this is from when it was BRAND NEW
       <-- the rest are from last week.

    Thank you for your interest!! =]
  • I see you got it at StateLine and that's a really great price!  I think I could become a saddle collector.  You're isn't tempting because it's not my size. [':)']  Whew!  It's very nice, though!  Looks comfy! 
    Are you on a base?  (Looking at pics and I'm military.)
  • haha thanks. nope not on a base actually.
    I live at a private air"ranch"
    It is a pilot community! =] it's fun.

    well If you know of anyone interested in a saddle. it is really great, it just doesn't fit my new horse. =]
  • Tell John and Kelly we said hi! [':D']