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Tack for sale...Most is hardly used!

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Tack for sale...Most is hardly used!
  • 1)      Horse size surcingle…used maybe 5 times…Asking 20 Shipped SOLD

    2)      Horse sized lunging caveson…used also maybe 5 times…Nice and padded also…Asking 20 Shipped.

    3)      Used 28” Cinch…I will try and hose it off…It#%92s neoprene and cracking in some places, but still very usable…Rust on the dee rings underneath and a couple of other places, but still very usable…I just got a new one and don#%92t have a need for this one anymore…Asking 12 Shipped.

    4)      Weaver Leather headstall set…Comes with headstall, bit, curb strap, and reins…Used maybe 3 times, if that…Asking 30 Shipped.

    5)      Leather Barrel Rein…I used it a few times…I will try to clean it up again…It has sat in the trailer for a while…I am not sure on the brand, but I bought it at a local reputable tack shop a few years ago.  I#%92m not sure if I have the brass piece for one end, but it could easily be picked up at a hardware store…I will search for it though…Asking 15 Shipped.

    6)      Black nylon tiedown…It#%92s been used, but still has tons of life left in it.  Asking 10 Shipped.

    7)      Set of 4 red polos…They are in like new condition.  I have used them maybe 5 times.  If I can, I will throw them in the washer, I need to wait until my mom isn#%92t home :D  They just have hay bits on them from sitting.  Still have plenty of stretch left in them.  Asking 12 shipped.

    8)      Red nylon lungeline with brass chain.  Chain is a little rusted but is still very usable.  There are a couple knots in the line where I made handholds, but those can be taken out.  It#%92s a used lungeline, but still in great condition.  Asking 12 Shipped
    9)      Red nylon headstall…Used maybe 5 times.  In like new condition.  Asking 12 Shipped.

    10)  Black Nylon headstall.  Used again maybe 5 times…In like new condition.  Asking 12 shipped.

    11)  Red and pink Weaver leather barrel rein…Used a handful of times.  Asking 10 Shipped. 

    12)  Black, Small, SMB like boots.  I have used these, but they are still in wonderful condition.  I washed them a few months ago when they were first put up for sale and have sat around since.  All Velcro is still tightly in tact.  I bought these from Chickssaddlery.  Nice boots.  I got new ones that fit my horse better though, so I don#%92t need these anymore.  I have 2 pairs.  Asking 25 Shipped each.

    13)  Red cotton lead…Used maybe a handful of times.  Snap is still tightly attached.   Asking 8 shipped.

    14)  Black felt Western hat.  I do not have pics right now but will get them.  I believe size 7.  Asking 35 Shipped.
    15)  Black Mayatex show blanket.  Put on my horse maybe 3 times.  In new condition.  I will get pics of this also soon.  Asking 20 shipped.
  • Halter-bridle:  from picture looks good.  What is the price and shipping?  thanks
  • Do you still have the "Black, Small, SMB like boots" ?? I have been looking for a front pair for awhile now. Thanks!! ':)'