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Big List! 40+ Items! Selling 4 A Friend

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Big List! 40+ Items! Selling 4 A Friend
  • [canaddcustomcolors="true"][stripabsoluteimagespaths="false"][commoninternalparameters="u2tpblbhdggsrmfsc2usmcxmmupowkvodmjuunlimnh6tdbwa2fyunzjatluytjsdwn5ouvav1pozfd4me1qqxdoatg9"]Hi everyone! My friend just sold her horse, so I'm selling her stuff for her. She needs a bit more money, so please MAKE OFFERS. All prices are OBO/negotiable. Some things (my stuff) I might trade for. She would trade for 'people' things, like purses, ect.
    Anyway, I really hate taking paypal, but I might be convinced to let someone pay with it. Buyer pays shipping. Ask if you need more pics or info. Email is: lissipoland@gmail.com

    1. USED: red arab Supermask II and green XL supermask II flymasks. No ears.

    2. 4 3/4" western curb with copper roller

    3. 5 1/2" Metalab full cheek slow twist bit

    4. USED half chaps: brown/black ovation zip up half chaps reg/short-ish.

    5. USED half chaps: black zip ups: tall and skinny

    6. Kids black full chaps

    7. Almost new: Pro-Craft ankle boots. Horse sized. Black shell with white 'fleece' interior. Elastic closure and double locking velcro.

    8. Black and white dressage nosebands and browbands

    9. Black neoprene tail guard

    10. Older figure 8 noseband. Brown. Horse. (not rings)

    11. Lightly used white pull on bell boots. Small.

    12. New stainless steel eggbutt loosering bit. 5 1/2"

    13. Western show clothes: black felt hat, red show shirt, blue show coat, cream slinky.

    14. Ladies medium dark navy Devon Aire show coat. (english) Lightly used.

    15. sz 28 new Pikeur white fullseat breeches.

    16. Wintec dressage bridle complete with reins. Good looking black bridle. Would work great for someone who's often changing bits! Like new. Horse sized. Comes with the original flash.

    17. Professionals Choice tail guard. Blue

    18. Black crop

    19. Yellow Lik-It holder with yellow rope hanger.

    20. Spurs with black leather straps.

    21. Ovation paddock boots. Zip ups. Black. Have nise elastic sides for more comfort. Used bit in great condition. Size 6 I believe.

    22. Wraps: 4 lightly used purple polos, 4 lightly used navy polos, 4 lightly used stall wraps, 4 (14"-16") No-Bow 'quilts'.

    23. sz 74 cotton (50%) cooler. (We also used it to keep the flies away, since it was knitted like mesh). Has all the straps, ect.

    24. Alligator halter and lead! Cute! Small pony, big mini, and prob. yearling size. It's a tad snug on a 14.2 pony. Lime green breakaway halter and lead with pink ribbon and green alligators on it.

    25. Pads: some kind of racing pad? Weird barrel pad? Anywho, tan pad with 'hair'/fake fur underside. Also: Green with pink trim pad (square) AP size, square blue wither relief AP style pad light blue. From stateline I believe.

    26. Blue/white plaid bareback pad. Can include stirrups.

    27. Dark blue lunge line. Good quality. From stateline I believe.

    28. About half (maybe more maybe less) a jar of Absorbine liquid liniment.

    29. Random: Half a jar of shampoo, full jar of medicated shampoo, green/purple hard brush, leather hole puncher.

    30. Trial sized FinishLine Fura-Free jar. (sweat and salve). Never opened

    31. Finishline trial sized Apple-A-Day electrolytes. Good sized jar. Used maybe one or two days. Full.

    32. Red plastic horse shaped mane comb.

    33. Effol hoof spray. New. Not sure what is does as I don't read German...

    34. Like new leather braided meh. hackamore. Great condition and gentle on the horse.

    35. New rolled western headstall and reins. 'silvered'

    36. Handpainted white/pink horse bank/bookend.

    37, Clear glass (I believe) engraved (?) figure. Lol...

    38. Cute little handpainted ceramic paint horse. 'sparkle' finished.

    39. Little woven birdhourse. Prob. could fit real birds in it...

    40. Handmade... thing. Croqueted? (sp?) Knitted? Not sure... Very nice design and hanger though.

    41. Bay Breyer horse. Not sure which one... Brand new.
    Ok, that should be good for now. Post/PM/email with any questions!

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