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Saddle Trades!!

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Saddle Trades!!
  • What I need

    I need a close contact saddle 17-17.5" seat, with either a wide or convertible tree. If you have an extra wide that would work too. I am looking for nice saddles so nothing that is going to fall apart. I would consider an all purpose if it was the right saddle.

    What I have
    • A Pessoa Gen X, 17" seat, Medium tree
    • A Collegiate Sr. Event 17" Convertible tree
    • A NICE Barrel Saddle 15" seat.
    All of my saddles come with a saddle pad, a girth/cinch, and the leathers.

    I would also sell all of these saddles outright, if you are interested make me a reasonable offer. I need a saddle as soon as possible because what I have now doesn't work for my big guy.
  • Hi, I have two english draft saddles that I bought 2 years ago - my horse was only 20 months old at the time, so I made the wrong choice and these won't work for me.  I can send you pics and get whatever measuremenst you need too.  Let me know  Thanks
  • I have a nice HDR advantage close contact saddle. 17''.. but is is medium tree. Grr.