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Silver Lacing, Western Trail Saddle with *** hitch

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Silver Lacing, Western Trail Saddle with *** hitch
  • I have a saddle that I bought off of the internet (not bright, I know) and it does NOT fit my boy!  It's in almost new condition - I think I've only ridden in it four or five times at the most - and I can send you the *** hitch and bridle with a snaffle bit with it.  It's a beautifully made saddle with silver lacing, D-rigging, a back cinch, a suede seat, wide gullet and is size 15.  It's also extremely light - only 26 pounds - and it's 32" long.  Before too long, I'll get some pictures up for you to see!  Unfortunately I don't have any with me right now.  I'm asking $150 for the whole set.  If you're interested, my email is [email=rlassbuck@gmail.com]rlassbuck@gmail.com[/email]
  • How far are you from Memphis? 


    What size horse will it not fit?  Wonder if Dani would like it?   I like the light part....
  • I'm in Siloam Springs, AR - so quite a ways! ':D' The gullet size is 6.5 inches, so it's nice and wide.  It probably wouldn't be a good idea, honestly, if your horse has prominent withers and isn't very wide.  That was the problem with my Thoroughbred - the saddle was too wide for him and it hit him on the withers!  Poor guy ':)' If you email me, I can get you some pictures of it.  They are too big to fit on this forum. ':('  Thanks for your interest!