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Buckskin producing AQHA/FQHA

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Buckskin producing AQHA/FQHA
  • Peppy King Lynx is a 2004 perlino stallion, approximately 90.24% foundation, & 5 panel N/N. He is TRIPLE HOMOGZYOUS FOR BLACK AGOUTI AND CREME Meaning he will produce 100% buckskin colored/based foals no matter the color of the mare (perlino & cremello mares have the exception, in which case he would produce mainly perlino, (EEAACRCR) Grulla mares would result in dunskin.) On the smaller side but straight and correct.
    Stud fee: $600
    Booking Fee: $150
    Mare care: $5 per day dry $8 per day wet
    AI straws: $1050 includes collection, shipping fees, container fees and stud fee
    Adamsville TN
  • https://www.facebook.com/Peppyboys-King-Lynx-445854745625784/

  • Hello,

    Why don't you post your stallion on (link removed)? I have placed my stallion there and am contacted there very often.

    Maybe it will help you too.

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    John Williams

  • your link was removed