[size="+0"][color="black"][size="0"]The Shake'n Fork manure fork by Equi-Tee Manufacturing are incredibly effective manure forks for picking up after your horse.  These quality manure forks offer horse owners an alternative to low cost stall cleaning tools that must be manually shaken.[/size][/color][/size]
[size="+0"][color="black"][size="0"]When cleaning up bedded indoor stalls, the powered Shake'N Fork looks and feels similar to a conventional fork, but it has a small motor and rechargeable battery to produce a unique shaking motion.  This patented feature automatically separates the manure from the bedding and the shaking action reduces your physical effort to a fraction of a normal fork, allowing cleaner stalls and less bedding waste.[/size][/color][/size]
[size="+0"][color="black"][size="0"]Check out the video at:  http://www.manurefork.com