The Feed Smart automatic pasture feeder is a self-contained, solar-powered livestock feeder. It uses a digital timer to dispense feed several times per day, at precisely the times someone sets, making it possible for their animals to receive several small grain meals, instead of one or two big ones, even if they're not able to be at home to do it by hand. It's made of heavy, galvanized steel, with only one moving part, the motor, for years of worry free service.

The Feed Smart automatic pasture feeder is the answer to many issues horse owners face, because it eliminates the need to physically feed your pasture horses. Vets and horse nutritionists agree the best way to feed grain is in small amounts several times a day, on an exact schedule. It's much better for the horse's delicate digestive system, helping to prevent serious health problems like colic & founder and helps them utilize the nutrients provided by the feed more completely. An added benefit of this system; the horses need 10-20% less feed to maintain the same body condition. The Feed Smart feeder also addresses aggressive & dominant horses. Feeding every few hours, instead of just morning & evening and removing the human with feed buckets, etc. from the equation, seems to help with the aggression issue. The Feed Smart is a system whereby both dominant & passive horses can eat out of the same feeder, each getting the amounts they need. "Our primary goal at this point, is to make as many folks as possible, aware there is a safer, healthier, better way to feed their pasture horses than the traditional "by hand" method, states Owner, Suzanne Mock. Feed Smart is also looking for livestock owners (cattle, sheep, etc.) who would like to help field test the Feed Smart feeders to determine the extent of the their compatibility with those types of animals and dealers around the country. For additional information, please call 281-723-0740. You ca also find out more by visiting their website at

"This is a great product and one that will help a lot of horse owners make sure that their horses are fed properly even if they are not there to do it.