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  • Where would be a good place to find CHEAP plastic or metal barrels...Would farmers have them?
  • I heard companies like Pepsi have plastic barrels cheap. I got some from a chemical company that injected linseed oil into the ground to rehab it at a base that was being demolished. yes, I realize how strange that sounds but the barrels were free. Keep your eyes peeled. Some places have to pay people to pick up old barrels. As long as there wasn't anything nasty in there/ or if there was it really would have been purged for them to be able to dispose of it. EPA regulations and all....  GOOD LUCK!! Where are you again?
  • I see them on craigslist.
  • Awesome, Thanks Dane and Hunter!!

    I saw some on MN horse on FB but there were sold by the time I found them, haha. I don't have an area yet anyways lol

    Hunter - I am from Monticello, Mn area. 

    There is a farmer down the road I may go talk too. . . as well.