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  • I am making rope tack. anyone who wants anything, let me know!
    Looking for a way to accessorize your horse with your personality?
    Do you want to add flair to your tack?
    Or are you simply looking for a specific color of tack?
    Rope Tack can add color, flair, and uniqueness to a western or English horse, pony, donkey, or mule!
    I make quality rope tack to fit your needs!
    I have a wide variety of colors and braid types!
    EMAIL ME if you have any questions or are interested in anything! Will ship!
    Thank you and have a good day!!!
    Here are some things I make:
    ROPE HALTERS—quality braided and tied rope halters. Have a noseband or no, depending on our style! They are stiffer than ones you buy at fleet farm and are a much better quality!
    REINS—these reins can go with any style riding for any occasion or discipline! Have them any color! Up to four different colors for each rein. And 3 different braids to choose from! They are soft, easy to clean, and come in a variety of colors! Any size(length) or color you want!
    OVER ‘N#%92 UNDERS—perfect for anyone, if you need your horse to go a little bit faster and pick up the pace. Or you just need an aid to get them going. Up to 4 colors and 3 braids. Any custom color or length.
    INDIAN BOSALS—Good for going bitless! They have a nice feel to them and you will see your horse behaving better! Or you can simply use them to get back to the basics and for training.
    REGULAR BOSALS—simply attach them to your bridle. Very natural and a good way to start training. Multiple sizes to fit your needs.
    LEAD ROPES, LUNGE LINES, ETC— anything to fit your horsey needs! Let me know!

  • I'd love to see your work!!! And how much! (hope you're doing okay, btw)
  • Send me a email at [email=kaiticowgirl@yahoo.com]kaiticowgirl@yahoo.com[/email] so then I can send you some pics easier!
    And, the prices are reasonable. I love making this stuff and want other people to enjoy my work! =]