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Give me advise to purchase new Horse

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Give me advise to purchase new Horse
  • Hi everyone,
    I want to purchase new horse so please give me advise for purchase new horse ?
    thanking you

  • Hi,
    I hope that from this site i got better advise so please reply me with 
    better advice.
    Thanking You.
  • Hi melkinny360.  Welcome.

    Tips for buying a horse?  First things first.  You need to know how to care for one.  Assuming you do, your next need will be to know where and how it will be kept, boarded out or kept at home.  Do you have time for one if you are doing self care?  Once the housing issue is settled, it is time to set a budget on just how much you can afford and then set out to see horses in that price range.
    It is always good to take a knowledgeable friend along on your search.  Check the ads, newspaper, craigslist, ebay classifieds, a lot of 'horses for sale' sites are out there now and searches can be done by distance from where you live.  Ask friends with horses if they know of a good horse for sale nearby.
    A pre purchase vet check is not cheap but it is cheaper than buying a horse with issues.

    Your level of riding ability and amount of experience all will come into play.

    I think my best advice other than having someone who knows horses go with you during your search is to remember that pretty is as pretty does.  Don't let a pretty head, a nice color, or body condition blind you to conformation faults health concerns,  soundness issues, bad habits, even attitude issues.

    Hope I have been of some help.  Again, Welcome.
  • The only thing I would add to Connie's advice is knowing the cost of feed/vet/general care and whether or not you can afford it. Also, you'll want a budget for tack and and grooming supplies.

  • Hi,
    Thanks, Connie and Cow Pie Girls For this advice.
  • Really its a good advice connie for the people who buy for the first time.
    nice one.
    Earl Nunes