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need help finding a horse? look here!

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need help finding a horse? look here!
  • well, to find a horse you obviously need experience, here is an example. say yo have been riding2 weeks, and you already want a horse. well you want a throbred, (not goood at spelling breeds) its only 150, but they need control, and you have only been riding for 2 weeks, not a year. you should get a mini horse, or something. thats an example, use google,bing,yahoo,youtube, ect. and THIS WEB!!!
  • Don't be fooled by those minis!

  • what is the problem with minis? sorry i don't know that much.

  • Hey sister, why did you change your advatar?

  • ok i need some help.........how much pasture space to enough fr  horse

  • If you plan on having the horse graze the pasture, it is typically an acre per horse but depending on where you live, you might have to water it to keep it growing.  If you are feeding hay, then at least a 24X24 foot corral.

  • Pasture space I think at least 1 acreage but i have only been riding about 1 year and 8 months and I just read the comment above this one and I can only follow half  of it but us. Also a mini was the first to come to mind because they are cute and calm.

  • I changed the avatars because this one is more me.

  • Hunterseat! Hahahahahahahahaha! :)

  • I'm bad at forum!

  • No, we are all bad at forum when they've recently changed the format here! It's not easy finding new postings. Where are you from?

    If someone was asking why I changed avatars, I was so proud when the American Foxhound won best of show at the top dog show in the country! YAY!

    I love foxhunting. :)

  • I'm from Colorado and have been riding for 2 years  and I'm 10 believe or not.

  • If you go into NEWS & ENTERTAINMENT - GENERAL CHAT, some of us come here every day to say hello and talk about what's going on in our world. That's a good place to get to know people here.