Our facility specializes in boarding retired, recuperating and non-working horses. Long or short-term board available. We are located in Colfax, WI - 1.5 hours east of the Twin Cities, 15 minutes off I94. Rates start at $275/month - which includes: -Pasture and/or free choice quality hay feed several times a day. -Ration balancer and/or other nutrients as needed to balance diet (via FeedXL.com) -Hoof trim and grooming every 8 weeks -Deworming based on FEC -Safe, quiet and relaxing environment -Annual veterinary exam including core vaccines, dental exam and sheath cleaning -Observation and human contact at least twice a day Pasture board is $275/month with 24 hour semi-private turnout with shelter - 2 horses per paddock and pasture. Stall board is $330/month with day or night turnout (private or semi-private) and a well-bedded 12' x 12' stall. We happily offer customized options - just ask and we will work with you to make both you and your horse happy. www.bronkencreek.com Please check out our website for more information and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. References available. Thanks! Nan