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starting English riding

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starting English riding
  • I already know how to western and dressage ride but I am starting English riding. Is it harder than Western and Dressage?
  • awesome post

  • Dressage is English. Are you going to start jumping? Is that what you mean?

    How old are you? How long have you been riding?

  • I have been riding since I was  two years old so a long time.  

    also at the barn I am riding at my horse is thirty-one years old.

    my horse is a quarter horse.

  • So for me, if I had started riding at the age of two, that would be 52yrs. :O) I started riding when I was about 12.

    Quarter Horses are wonderful horses. Are you taking lessons?

  • If you meant jumping, in my opinion it's not harder than dressage. You just can't be scared of it.

  • I agree you should try it

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