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Opinions on spur stops?

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Opinions on spur stops?
  • I have an 11-year-old Haflinger/Quarter Horse cross gelding named Tucker. At our last show he decided that "canter" means "gallop as fast as you can around the ring like a maniac", so I asked my instructor to help me calm him down at my next lesson. She had me start teaching him a spur stop. I ride english and always have with my horse, and I'm a little confused about the spur stop. Both me and my horse have always known that leg pressure means forward movement and soften into the bit, and because Tucker is so sensitive, I worry that I will just end up confusing him or making it harder for him to speed up or do pivots and such. I was wondering if there were any other english riders who use spur stops or if anyone had tips or opinions on using spur stops.
  • I'm not familiar with that. Is it a Western thing? If your instructor is an English instructor you might give it a try? Not sure. hmmm...

  • my understanding is that you put your spurs into the horse and you stop. I've only ever seen it in western pleasure though.

  • I am not that familiar with it either. Honestly speaking, it's the first time that I have ever heard of such term. Hmm, upon being curious about it, I might as well research about it so that I can learn more. Still, I am hoping that someone can explain it further here. I do want to have my opinion about it.