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Cross country practice!

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Cross country practice!
  • I finally got around to loading up some pictures of the girls from their cross country practice last month:
    Shaylea on her new boy, Chocolate.  She's used to riding a sedate pony and learned she needs to work on her lower leg on a horse that has some speed and power to his jump :)



    Kelly and Tahoe had a good day.  Tahoe always clears everything by a mile!


    This was his first time over a trakhener (ditch underneath that you can't see) and he was making sure he cleared it once he decided to take the leap, leaving Kelly behind!!

  • Lovely pictures - thanks for sharing! Jumping and cross country are one of those things I watch and really want to try but I know I will never have the guts to try.
  • Yikes! I would probably look like that last picture, if I am in the picture at all when my horse takes a running jump! Must be a lot of fun but I'll save jumping for the occasional windfall across my trail! Wonderful pictures.
  • I got the kids mixed up and thought Kelly was on Chocolate! When did Shay grow those legs? [':)']
    Your girls look so good! Looks like so much fun, too! *envious* The horses look great, too! Chocolate looks like a champ. Shayla looks really good on him! I thought that was hubby's horse. [':)'] And the K&T team are always looking good!
    Did Kelly braid Tahoe's tail?
  • K & S are the same height, 5' 6" now.  Kelly loves to braid and does all kinds of neat designs on his tail.  She'd make $ braiding at shows someday.
    No, Chocolate was for Shaylea because she has outgrown Spirit and at 18+, he really shouldn't be jumping much anymore.
    Bet there's a lot of eventing and such in CT!  So is the job for sure now?
  • They sent me an acceptance letter. I signed it accepting the job and sent it back. There's one more formality and that's  having my security clearance "transferred" and I have one already so I don't anticipate a problem.  I'm really thinking I'll get my start date this week and I can announce it Thursday at roll call.  
    eta: YAY!!!  *happy dancing* [':D']
  • Wow!  So the job is in CT, near where Chatter lives?  That is just amazing...... I'm soooooo happy for you!  You'll have to send me your new address so I can send you your shoes!!  Either that or you can come on vacation and get them ':)'  Even better idea!!