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My "new" Crosby

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My "new" Crosby
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    I'm getting a saddle from NoJumps. I think I'm getting a bridle with it. Anyway, I'm excited since I sold about 5 saddles before moving to HI. I don't want to resume collecting, though it was fun. I'm just glad I will have one because.. Syble, remember her? is close by here. She wants me to come ride when it warms up. I can't wait!!! But I want to have a saddle to ride in. Plus what if I take some lessons. I guess I better get busy and order helmet and half chaps. The saddle doesn't have suede knee rolls.... gulp. So I gotta have something to stick me there!! I'll see if I can find a picture.

  • WOW I thought or rather hoped this new format could resize pics but you have to reduce them to 64pix or whatever. It took a while but I finally got it small enough. You have to click on it and squint. :)

  • lol Does anyone like my saddle? Nobody sees this. I'll just see how long it takes.. It shipped, btw. If it can make it through the snow and ice!!

  • Of course it is beautimous!

    I am really enjoying the new-to-me one I just got. (western barrel)

    I would like to find another good one as the one I got for the girls is not quite so nice>

  • I had a Crosby once that was given to me.  I don't ride English, so sold it.  I did sit in it and it was comfortable and well made.  Hope you enjoy it.  Personally I would rather get a used saddle than a new one.  I hate breaking them in.

  • Thanks!!  Agreed, littlebit! You can get some really high quality saddles for next to nothing! I got a Passier dressage for $250. Look THOSE babies up! I was so sad to sell it. I'd only used it once briefly when Zag (unbeknownst to me at the time) had pigeon fever and did quite a few fancy dressage moves including passage and sidepass. Since he's a harness racer and has never trained dressage it was warning enough to make me get the heck off! (I think he was hallucinating) So the lady who bought it on ebay was very familiar with the brand and used to have one. She raved about it and it was exactly what she hoped it was. Made me feel better that it went to someone who loved it. :) I'm going to go ride with Syble!!! :) Hopefully soon.

  • Saddle arrived today! With bridle and saddle pad! LOVE it. So far! Gotta try 'er out!!! :)

  • Have you gotten to try your saddle yet?  I'm bummed that I sold my Stubben a while back, thinking I never use it.... now of course I'm looking for a saddle for Penny.... Tons of Crosby's for sale for nothing at the tack store but nothing worked for me....

  • No. I took it to VA to try while riding w/my friend but we got rained out. Lessons fell through with one trainer so I need to keep looking. I couldn't take it on the flight to TX. I'll try it some day. I was just thinking about it yesterday. I need to get a girth.

  • A few years late but I do hope that you managed to lear  more with your trainer!! I also wish that you really have a girth now for your horse. good luck with riding!! I do hope that you had further improved with riding horses and have continued with it. It's truly amazing.

  • Crosby is pretty good. I like them.