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Morgans, anyone?

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Morgans, anyone?
  • Does anyone else here own (or is a fan of) Morgans? I own a 3 year old Morgan gelding named Indy. He's 7/8 Lippitt, and 100% Foundation. He's pretty big for a Morgan, very stocky and 16 hands, with a fabulous temperament.
  • I have Standardbreds and there is a lot of Morgan in some of the Std bloodlines. 16 hands is big for a Morgan isn't it?

  • Yes, most are between 14.2 and 15.2.

  • My husband has a Morgan she sweet most of the time

  • Any of you Morgan people would be heartily welcome in General Chat where we usually log in, say hi and talk about what's going on in our world. Janet, johnson... welcome!!! We are a slow bunch right now. This forum was really fast paced and active. Then the format changed and everyone but a few baled. We're still talking horse! :)

  • Sixteen hands???  Sounds to me like there's a Saddlebred in the woodpile somewhere!  He must have State Breeding or behind-the-barn breeding in that 1/8th.  On the otherhand, the remaining 7/8th is among the best of Morgan breeding.  The only breeding I like better is something from old man Weir's place.

    We have a mare here with Lippitt breeding.  She's a beauty with a great mind to match.  Pictures of your fellow would be welcome!