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Giant Horse Breeds That Exist

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Giant Horse Breeds That Exist
  • Detailed explanation of horse breeds with history and nature of the horse. Draft horses are cold-blooded, heavy horses known for doing work pulling heavy loads. Historically, they were also used in battle to carry the weight of heavily armored soldiers. Yes, people haven't used animals as the primary means of transportation for a long time, but as you can see, they haven't lost their strength for it either. 

    Russian traction horse: But in fact, this breed, arose only a century ago when the Russian breeders began to cross breed, with larger specimens despite its menacing appearance and huge size.

    Belgian traction horse or brabançon: This is the Belgian traction horse, a distant relative of the Russian traction horse.

    Shire. The British also have their own traction horses : These are the elegant breeds, the only ones capable of moving a plane of about two or three tons. Shires are still used nowadays to transport carts of beer kegs to breweries. It was then that the Roman conquerors first encountered them.

    Percheron breed: Just take a look at this elegant coat, you can immediately see that it is French, this is a Percheron, a French traction horse. It was considered as a perfect horse, to carry a knight in heavy armor. They could Virtually handle any agricultural load, and at the same time work at a good speed.

    Yakutian horse, this is probably the hard-lasting pull horse: The height of this horse is modest, no more than hundred and forty centimeters, almost like a pony, and its average weight is no more than half a ton. Perhaps, the yakutian horse is inferior in power, when compared with some of his relatives that we saw today.

    Gypsy horse: It is unlikely, that another horse will match better with the Winter Nevada landscape, than the white coat of the gypsy horse, this breed is also called gypsy vanne.

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  • Impressive. Especially it's "the only ones capable of moving a plane of about two or three tons"

  • Judging by my searches, only Percheron and Gypsy horses are common in the states? I was also surprised that Gypsy is being asked for from  $15,000 on average. I couldn't find any other breeds, were they not imported to the States?