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Anonymous letters about braying

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Anonymous letters about braying
  • Oh boy... About a year ago, I got an anonymous letter, printed, not written, about my mini donk's braying. He is a livestock guardian and is supposed to bray. The people threatened they would call animal control if we didn't stop him. Nothing happened. Today, almost a year later, we got yet another anonymous letter. This one was handwritten and the people complained about not being able to sleep because of his "constant" braying. My donkey does not bray all the time, once every couple hours is not constant. He has a buddy, my horse, and is fed on a schedule. I do not want to sell him because he keeps wild critters from killing all my small animals. Any tips to lower braying?? He is a 6 year old mini Jack.
  • Sorry  about your neighbor problems.  I have no solution for you, I'm afraid.  However this is the reason I live as far out as I do.  My neighbors are at least a half mile away.

  • If, as you say, this does not happen all the time, then it is your neighbors who need to treat nerves =)