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Chocolate palomino?

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Chocolate palomino?
  • Out at my barn, I have a 4 month baby... She's HUGE. She's half Rocky Mountain Horse and half Friesian. Her momma is chocolate with chocolate mane and tail and her daddy is solid black. Some how, she came out looking chocolate like her momma, white socks that start at her knees, and a BLONDE mane and tail. What the duce happened in that womb?
  • Chocolate silvers often have blonde (sometimes almost white) manes and tails. It's one of my favorite colors!
    I'd love to see a picture!
  • Aw, she sounds so adorable! I bet she's just a doll... would love to see a pic, her coloring sounds neat.
  • Her name is Onyx and the first picture is her of the day she was born and the second picture is when she was 3 mo old.
  • her at 3 mo
  • Awwww, she is just adorable!
  • She is so cute.  It will be fun to see her coat color when she sheds the fuzzy foal coat!  Please keep us in the loop as she grows.