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Dun Horse Draft : Register...HELP!!

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Dun Horse Draft : Register...HELP!!
  •  So, I recently acquired a horse by the (unregistered) name Cheyenne. She's "grade" however I know what breed(s) she is. She is a QH x Percheron. I can't register her as a dun/buckskin since she is partial draft. I would like to register her as a Sporthorse, however she is a PMU foal, and her previous "owners" won't call me back nor will they give me any information. I am at a loss. In order for me to do anything besides open circuit showmanship I have to have her registered. AQHA won't register her unless she has a Sire and a Dam.
     Is there any sort of testing, or registry that I don't know about? She's my new project horse, so I want to ease her into the dressage world and limit the amount of stress, so I am starting her in HS and Showmanship.  

    Thank you in advance!

    - DQ24

    P.S. Here is a photo of  her... Sorry it's so large.
    Also, please don't copy, distribute, etc the picture. The owner paid a great deal of money for them. Thank you for respecting that.

  • what a beauty! Will the PMU rescue people help you at all with info? Are there markings/tatoos? I don't know much about it but danastark has a PMU baby. Well, he's over 18hh now! [':D']
  •  The PMU ranch will not get back to me. They treat me like I'm a nuisance and just told me that I needed to check for a microchip. If I can't find one they have no "other" way to help me.
     She is well over 17hh and I love her to death. It is such a shame that she won't have the same opportunities to shine in the Percheron circuit, she has the looks to do so. 
     Also, she didn't come from a rescue, she came directly from the ranch. I am training her as she is now ten years old. She used to be a dressage mare, but was pushed too hard to fast. So, I have to retrain her so that she enjoys her work ':)'

     Thank you for your kind words!

  • does she have a chip? I bet if you trailer her to a vet they'd check her no charge.
    I'd love to see her move! She's gorgeous! Thank goodness she has someone who loves her so much. I hope she gets into dressage for you. I think they have different disciplines built into their souls. My Stbd was born to drive but he tolerates me on his back. [':)'] I miss him right now - he's in KY, I'm in HI.
  • This horse has so much power from her hind end. I feel honored just to be on her. She has a 3 hoof overstride and does minimal Haute Ecole stuff for me. She is just so pleasant, a drama queen, but willing to please. I have been searching for three years for a horse and I FINALLY found her. She gallops to the gate now when I come to the stable.

    I'm asking the vet to check the next time she comes out. ':)'

    Aww! I am sorry about your horse, I can't be separated from my horses for more than a week, or else I -literally- start twitching from withdrawal. Haha. 

    Also, I posted a couple of days ago under the tack forum about some hunter advice. Judging by your name, you may be able to help. If you have a spare moment, please consider reading it. ':)'

    Thanks again!


  • Welcome to the forum!  I have an 8 yr. old PMU gelding I've had since he was 11 mo. old.  He's percheron/paint/either QH or TB and maybe a smidgen of clyde in there.  He's about 18 hds. now, grew bigger than was predicted...... but I love him soooo much ':)'  He's got a wonderful personality and his gaits aren't so bad for a big guy.  Dressage is a stretch for us although he is becoming more balanced and able to use his hind end and flex his big body (wears a 90" blankie).  If only I could get the same collection and drive in the arena as I do on trail when he's antsy to keep up!
    Your mare is gorgeous ':)'  I have never looked into registering my guy as we don't do anything high level.  There is an American Warmblood Registry but without the cooperation of the PMU ranch she came from, I don't know if you could register her.  The ranch my gelding came from (Ranch 1 in Calgary, I think) just had pictures of their stallions with their mares so that is how I knew what my Heinz 57 came from although they didn't say what breed the mare was.....
    Here's my guy at a recent foxhunt ':)'

  • He's BEAUTIFUL! We're starting out slow, but I hope to be schooling fourth level with her in a year and a half period. But no rush, this is all about relaxation on her part ':)' I really wish people were more cooperative, but nothing I can do about that! Cheyenne has the smoothest gaits ever! She was born with natural balance and comes right over her back, I am so blessed to have found a horse like her.

    She thoroughly enjoys trails... And yes, I understand what you mean about how you can never get that push from the hocks until it becomes a race between your horse and a pasture buddy!

    I'll have to look into AWBS...

    Thank you for your warm welcoming!

  • Welcome to our forum.  Glad to have a new member.  Your horse is beautiful.  It is a great feeling when you finally find the one that is just right for you.

    Join us on general chat anytime.  Some of us are there every day.