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Very Odd Coloring, Can You Give A Guess?

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Very Odd Coloring, Can You Give A Guess?
  •  I have a 1 year 1 month old colt who has been changes colors every two months. I know they are suppose to. But who wants to guess what he will be? [h2][/h2]
    Let Me Describe Him.

    Day 1. Born very very light pale coloring with a light dorsal stripe, chestnut back almost white legs and belly, could barely see his back white socks.

    (1month)The Next Month. He stated to get a chestnut color but stayed blonde on the legs and gray under his belly as a coloring.

    (2months)The Next Month. He started to get a black mask around his eye balls and mussel and was all creamy coloring with no line or chestnut color.

    (3months)The Next Month. He was shedding into a liver chestnut and loosing all his creamy color but he still had gray under belly and he developed black spots on his but only and his mane was turning gray and his tale black/chestnut.

    (4months)The Next Month. He stayed a light silver liver color and his front legs didn't shed out yet and were still creamy but still have his black spots on his but.

    (5months)The Next Month. He turned gray on the but, and his front legs we stripped with three different colors and his mane turned blonde.

    (6months)The Next Month. His winter coat grew in very dark like chestnut but his stripped legs and spots were still there and he had a gray tint to him.

    (7months)The Next Month. He started to turn yellow on his stomach and up the next and he changed again.

    (8months)The Next Month. He was dun with stripped front legs and his black spots has populated on his legs and one or two on his neck.

    (9months)The Next Month. He started getting gray mane.

    (10 months)The Next Month. He started growing his tail in silver under the black.

    (11months)The Next Month. Nothing New.

    (1year)The Next Month. He started turning bright yellow to and light tan on his belly and his full mane is solid silver.

    Now he is developed dapples on his sides.

    Did i mention his father is brown and white(no background on him) and his mother is dark brown with only white paints with a few spots in her back ground. Its a guessing game. I think he is Dun/Buckskin.  Sorry No Pictures. 
  • Whoa! Back up there Spunky! NO PICTURES??? You've documented so carefully (which is awesome) you can't tell me you don't have pictures!! 
    When you say spots, are you talking appy spots or paint spots?
    Dad is a paint? 
    On the parents is there any mottled skin, striped hoof, sclera/whites of the eye showing?
    You say leg striping, that's a primitive marking. Do you see any hint of the shoulder stripe coming from the mane/withers down? Still has a dorsal stripe?
    Sounds like you're having fun with this baby!! I can't wait till you figure out how to post pictures. If you can't figure it out, say so and we can try to explain or you can email them to someone to post. Maybe you don't do digital photos. I have a friend who doesn't. But if you do, you can put a photobucket link to your pics. Some people use other photo services.
    WELCOME, BY THE WAY!! [':)']