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What would this color/pattern be?

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What would this color/pattern be?
  • My horse chiropractor took this picture of an appaloosa mare today, one of her clients wondering what this would be called?  Any ideas?

  • That's very cool.  I don't know the answer, though.  My color book is at home.  I know there's something that isn't genetic but more of a condition - probably like the rose-stuff that people deal with on their faces?  But I don't know if this is an example of that.  Quite unusual!!  Can't wait till AppyLady weighs in on this one!! [':D']
    (actually Remali and jungle_cat....  great genetics experts...  probably forgot someone...)
  • It may just be the color of the horse's skin. Horses have black skin where they are colored (even greys - dark skin). White horses (and white places on colored horses) have pink skin.
  • Parti-colored skin?
  • What does the rest of the horse look like?
  • I don't know, my chiro took the picture and that's all she posted......