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What a difference 2 wks can make-What color is Jewel?

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What a difference 2 wks can make-What color is Jewel?
  • Here she is as a baby.  Her mom is in the background, Jockey club TB and her sire is a Hanoverian, Devon Heir who is black.  What color do you think Jewel is?  The first picture is of her sire.

    As a coming 2 yr. old

    3 yrs. old-need to get another one in better light because she's covered in buckskin now and does have a slight dorsal stripe.

    Ignore the barefeet behind the horsie........... This is the color she is right now.....?  Look at all the chomp marks on her butt and flanks.... a big flirt when she is in heat and Cody doesn't appreciate having her butt in his face.......


    Her head looks out of proportion in this one!

    She has light buckskin or palomino hair inside her ears?
    Pictures from 10/12.  What a difference 2 wks makes in the fall.... winter coat coming in-


    Had to include this one-Jewel and Skyler, the dog "playing"



  • In the last two pictures she almost looks liver chestnut because her tail doesn't look black. It's hard to see if she has black points or not from the pictures. If she has black points, then she's bay in those pics. Pretty girl.
  • I would say a dark bay.
  • Bump-added some new pictures!
  • Dusty dun? ( A rare shade of Zebra dun is dusty dun.  Dusty duns have a beige body color, nearly like a grulla but lack the black or dark head of the grullo classification.) Seems the dorsal stripe seperates her from the buckskins.   Does the dorsal stripe continue into the tail?  I'm reading up and it says primitive markings can occur in highly developed breeds.  Dana didn't we squint and look for leg striping on her when I was there?  Any evidence of that? 
    She is one big gorgeous girl!! 
    eta: it might be worth sending a clipping to have tested.  Is that primitive marking on her wither area? hmmm...
  • What color are the sire and dam?   Oh duh, nevermind, I didn't read it all..... I see you already posted that....lol.

    With both parents that color.... dun is not possible genetically.  Only color choices are bay, black or chestnut.  She looks bay, sun-bleached. If mom and dad are both true blacks and not bays, then black and chestnut are the only two colors genetically possible.  So, maybe she is a sun-bleached black.  She sure is pretty!!  And mom and dad are beautiful.
  • [quote=hunterseat]


    She looks like a dark bay to me with a bit of lightened tone due to sun perhaps. With both parents being black there's no way genetically that she could be a dun. One thing she definitely is............GORGEOUS !  She's going to be one big girl once she's done growing.
    Hunter, Funny that you'd use that site to show a definition of dun. My stallion is on therre as an example of a buttermilk bucksking with a "wild bay" or "faded bay" gene. He's about halfway down the page and it's a picture of him at about 15 months old.  http://www.ultimatehorsesite.com/colors/buckskin.html  They also have an article on their breed page that I wrote and submitted as well about the Kentucky Natural Gaited horse Assoc..  http://www.ultimatehorsesite.com/breedsofhorses/kentuckynaturalgaitedhorse.html   I used to be a moderator on their messageboard before it crashed a couple of years ago.
  • I need to get some new pictures because with her winter coat coming in, Jewel looks like a different horse, plus she's started to put on a little weight, Yay!
    Thanks, Ky.  Need to get some video of her moving.  If we can ever get her to calm down, she is going to be one amazing dressage horse!
  • She almost looks brindle in a couple of the pictures.
    If I was guessing I would say seal bay. 
    I don't think it matters what color she is because she is pretty and sweet looking.
  • Being an obsessed member of a horse genetics forum, my best guess would be a homozygous sooty bay.  Do you have gene test results from either parent?  Also, if they are both blacks, then bay is out of the question, but liver chestnut is not.  

    Either way, she is stunning!  ':s'biggrin:
  • I tend to agree with you, ranchmom.  Her coloring is very much like the liver chestnut I boarded for awhile (owner called him bay but he was not, not with that color mane and tail) and the liver chestnut mare my son had until he outgrew her.

    By the way, WELCOME TO OUR FORUM.   
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seal_brown_(horse';)'
    Yes I know it is wikipedia and NOT totally reliable, but I like the pictures and description.
  • Thanks!  BTW, I love your siggy!  We think a lot alike!  
  • I'll get pictures tonight...... I don't know any of the genetics on her parents other than her sire's listing says he is black.  Her mother certainly looked black but had a little bit of a reddish cast to her coat at times.
    She CAN be very sweet and she can also be quite the handful!  She thinks she is a big dog and does not always respect personal boundaries.  We usually carry a stick or crop when we are in with her while she's loose as she tends to want to play!  Yikes!!  In hand, she is sooooo much better than she was.  While worming her last night, she backed away from us instead of her old habit of trying to come through/over you when I first got her ':)'  Progress!  Hoping I get better soon as I need to be working her.......