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What pattern is this?

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What pattern is this?
  • Help Paint folks please.
    I love paints but don't know a thing about them.  Well, LUCKY me!!!!  My very first mule baby is a Paint!!!  So, what kind of paint is he?
    Can you help me?
    Mom is a blood bay QH, Dad is a red roan jack with some "paint" spots on him.
    Yes, mule baby.  Augustus  "Gus"  -  Imperial Majesty and he has the attitude to match.  Actually, he is pretty sweet.  Should be, mom and dad are very good tempered.
    Can't believe I got so much color!
  • Forgot to tell ya'll.  He was born sometime nite 4/26, morning 4/27.  As of 5/5/11 he still has blue eyes.  The skin color around his nose, mouth and eyes is pinkish.
    Will his eyes stay blue since he is now over 1 week old?
    I'm "kinda" proud of him.
  • You have a very beautiful foal right there.. To me i would think that's overo.