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What pattern is this?

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What pattern is this?
  • Meet "Shay." His papers say he's a Bay Leopard Appaloosa, but I've caught myself wondering.

    He displays characteristics of Varnish roan and also a large blanket. It's gotten to the point where it's really bothering me. I haven't seen Leopard Appys with spots all over like he has; many of them don't have the gray fur, black points, let alone the bay-ish coloring that's on his face!

    Can anyone clear this up for me? Or should I just take the word of his papers?

  • I would think that you would be able to tell better when he has his summer coat.  Nice built no matter what color or pattern he has!
  • Oooo! handsome!!
    Appylady our resident color expert [';)'] will be along soon. 
    I think she was going out of town for the weekend?
  • [quote=littlebit]

    I would think that you would be able to tell better when he has his summer coat.  Nice built no matter what color or pattern he has!

    How ironic this is; one of our horses is named Little Bit! (Well, that's her barn name.) Fortunately I have pictures of his summer coat. ':)' His owner is my boss, who's kind enough to let customers ride him for trail rides. And such a little stinker he is!

  • OOH!  Let me try before AppyLady gets here!!!  First I see a blanket.  That would mean NOT leopard.  Okay, that's it for me.  LOL
    Any primitive markings?  Traces of Zebra striping on the backs of the front legs?  Darker coloring around withers (do I imagine some?)  What about a butt shot?  Does he have a stripe that goes down into the tail?
    The varnish, I think, would show up more around the shoulders - my genetics book describes that as a darkening where the bone is closer to the surface - like the points of hips and shoulders. 
    This is an awesome looking horse!  I love him!!  Not a bad tail either!  [':D']
  • Creampuff-I too have a horse named Little Bit.  She is a Quarab that I raised myself and is now 16 years old.
    I too, see a blanket.  I am not an Appy color expert, but I always thought that a leopard Appy was one whose coat is white with pronounced spots all over. 
  • That's what I thought. When I look up "Leopard Appaloosa," they're normally a solid color with large spots all over.

    And to my knowledge, no leg barring or "zebra stripes," no dorsal stripe.  I thought of a Varnish Appy because of his face, and how similar the facial markings are to Varnish Appy pictures that I've seen.

    It's like Shay is just a melting pot for multiple Appaloosa patterns!


    LittleBit: All I know is our Bit (Bit-O-Honey) is Quarter Horse, possibly something else. Her mother was bought at an auction pregnant and she was a real surprise (in other words, heart attack) to the woman tending the mother. The vet had said Suzie (her mamma) wasn't due until December, but she was born in October. Surprise!
  • Nice horse! I would call him a bay varnish roan with a spotted blanket. Most likely he was foaled solid bay in front, and roaned out to reveal the spots underneath.
    But, it's not impossible that he has the Patn1 gene (leopard), and something is suppressing the white. Until there's a test for Patn1, there's no way to know for sure.
    Do his papers actually say bay leopard?! None of my leopards have been described as "leopard" on their papers!
  • From what I saw they did! "Bay Leopard Appaloosa," if I'm not mistaken, but I could be wrong on the specifics because it was over the summer that I saw them. I do remember "Bay Leopard," because his owner and her business partner brought it up before. I recall asking, "How can you tell the base color judging by just the spots?" (They said it was the dark points and brown spots that equated him bay.)

    I'll try to get my boss to show me again and I'll post what the papers, for sure, say. I do recall his registered name (because it's so wonky): My Easy Shaygetz. O_o
  • That is an...uhmm....interesting name! His papers say "Bay, white with spots over body and hips." The ApHC never actually uses the word "leopard"!
  • Shirley's the greatest! [':)']  I was talking to Chatter about seal bones tonight.  I mean this morning - depending on which side of the world you're on. 
  • I'll treasure my seal bones forever!
  • LOL at you two.
  • Oh the colour of horse is really too good and the horse is nice as well.
  •   I've not seen one marked quite like him before.  I'm not sure what he would be called.  He seems to have features from a couple different patterns.  I'd call him beautiful.