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Homozygous LP - why?

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Homozygous LP - why?
  • NO KIDDING they're gorgeous!!!  WOW!  Yep, Blue is a blue roan SSH tobiano.  He's on the stallion section of www.silhouettefarms.com
  • Thanks guys!
    Blue is a beauty!
    That roany look is from something other than just tobiano. His face is also a giveaway. Would that be sabino or maybe something else too?....Hey...AppyLady![':)']
  • btw, is it U of Ky that does genetics?  Anyway, the people in Fla who used to teach the classes my neighbors went to are now at Ky.  They are studying Spot to figure something about his genetics.  I think they are pinning down the buckskin gene or something.  Also, there are several that have been born gray, which is supposedly impossible or something - I probably have it all wrong but they are studying some of my neighbors' horses.   Ya'll would get along great!  They speak the gene stuff, too.  I know!  Road trip!!! 
  • Yup - bay, even though it looks to have "red" is actually black-based. 
    She looks to be grulla w/ homozygous LP like others pointed out.  I would just get the red/black test done to see if she is homozygous for black or if she carries for red.  (Even if she carries for red you won't see it). 
    You also know she does not carry for agouti or she would be a zebra-dun instead of grulla in color. 
    Comet looks to have some "roaning" from the sabino gene.  Very common in QHs and many other breeds.  Even Willie my new haflinger has it.
    No, I don't have any of those books, but I don't see silver in her - the mane is usually effected more with that gene.
  • You know, she DOES have some fairly distinct zebra striping! [':)']  I think I have pictures if you want to see them.  Gotta get them on photobucket first, I think... oooh!  Thank you upload gods!  There's my upload for the day! [':D']  (I should get some more recent pictures.  There's dark on her shoulders, too.
  • well im not shore what color he or she is but i have a very pretty skewbald and i will post some photoes in and you will see how pretty she is and your horse is a very good looking horse lol
  • PLEASE show us your horse!  And welcome, sweet!
  • [quote=hunterseat]

    PLEASE show us your horse!  And welcome, sweet!

    Hunterseat .. I owned the dam of CR Smoother Than Jet, FrogEtta&nbsp';p'assed away but we still do have a 5 yr old filly (sorrel with spots or hips and loins that is roaning) of hers and also her yearling granddaughter (solid black) and her 3yo grandson (black/dark bay with blanket) may be coming back to us if I can get the match made ..
    She was a very good mare and she stayed black/dark bay all of her life with her only color being a few spots on her one hip .. will be glad to share pictures .. or you can visit my website and see her offspring and grand off spring
    5yo filly = Frogs Tardee Miracle
    3yo gelding = Jermiah WzA BullFrog
    1yo filly = Frogs Lil Lily Pad
  • YooHoo! Hunterseat 
    Do you know who Ms. SavvyAcres is???????????????
    Welcome  welcome welcome so happy to have you here!!![':D']

  • YES!  I sure love those Tardee pictures!  Someone must have been mighty skilled to get such great shots of him!! [':D']
    So my Dani is kin!  They have nice faces, don't they?
  • I know who Ms. SavvyAcres is! [':D']
  • Savvy, I hope you come back!  So Dani's dad was born on your place?  How big was his dam? Since her dam was advertised as 15.2 and was actually 14.2 I'm thinking her sire was 15.1 since he was advertised at about 16.2.
  • Yes .. Tardee is a handsome boy and we sure do like his foals .. he loves to have any attention that you give him and looks good from all angles .. need to get some new pictures posted of him and the girls .. because of changes with my husbands health we are selling all but a couple of riding horses and hope to spend more time just trail riding .. we are fortunate to live in a wonderful areas with miles and miles of trails .. be well ..
    attached is a picture of Tardee and my granddaughter .. Marion
  • FrogEtta was right at 15 hands maybe a tad taller, dark Bay roan at times a dark Grulla roan .. we still have her last filly .. picture of her and her last filly attached
    She was owned for many years by Clinton Ritchey of Hudson CO and he had given her to us because she was needing a lot of TLC because of a foot abcess and also not being able to carry any weight, she was in poor health when we first got her but with time and care she start to have some bloom and looked really good, about that time Clinton died and his boys collected her along with several other horses that their dad had given to folks and sold them all at a public auction .. we did not know when the auction was held and she was purchased by a family near Strasburg CO .. she was put down the fall of 06 because the abcess had come back and it drained her of all her energy and life .. In 2007 we went to Strasburg and bought both her 2006 yearling filly and also her 1999 filly.  Both of them were thin thin thin, wormy full of lice and had gone from bad to worse to even worse condition during the year(s) at Strasburg.
    While at the Strasburg farm I saw DRS Tardee but his condition was so poor and at the time I thought he was a worn out old gelding not a stallion that with care would be the horse that he became .. Tardee actually went to a buyer in Texas (DaneHaven) along with a trailer load of several others and we meet the Texas owner of Tardee a year or so later and bought him and he is our handsome boy that has given us some very nice foals ..
    Here is a record of FrogEtta's foals:
    04/04/2002 - CR MISS LENA SIZZ by CR GUSTO LENA
  • Look!  It's Tardee with DaneHaven!  [':D']