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  •  Ok well to start my name is Ashlynn, im 15 and my dad just got me a new mare. well being the doof he is he didnt get papers for this mare. I have her registered name but thats it, well i also know shes 13 but id like to know more.
    so if you are a member of APHA and would help me out i would appreciate it GREATLY!!!
    her name is BAD MOON RISING
     shes black bay and white if a reference pic that i have her or what ever is needed i can provide buti just would like some info on this horse!! thanks for your time!!
  • We've got some paint folks here, for sure!  Welcome and congrats on your new baby!
  • APHA database does not have any horse registered as BAD MOON RISING.  Here is the list of results:
    Horse Name                Year Sex Reg Number
    BAD MOON A RISIN     1995 M 00320194
    BAD MOON A RISING   1983 G 00081364
    BAD MOON ABREWING 2005 M 00827303
    BAD MOON PLR            2006 S 00870945
    BAD MOON RAISIN       1995 G 00314467
    BAD MOON RISEN         1987 S 00144884   
    There are only 2 mares, 1 in 1995 and 1 in 2005.  Bad Moon A Risin is listed as a black solid, so I don't think that is your mare. 
    www.allbreedpedigree.com lists a saddlebred, thoroughbred, and an appaloosa by that name.
    Sorry I couldn't find anything ':('
  • is she part arabian?
    if so she might be registered as an half arab.
    so you might go to   http://secure.arabianhorses.org/forum/index.php?action=login
    register than go to the half/anglo arabians   and ask if someone could
    look to see if she is registered there.
  • thank you so much for looking for me! my dad is trying to get her papers and all that and was told her name was bad moon rising. this is what happens when you buy a horse from someone and the person they got it from still has the papers!
  • theres no way to find out if your horse is registered and their name without the papers huh?!
  • If you can find out the stallion or dam's name (and they are APHA registered) I can look up a progeny report to see all offspring.  Then, based on your mare's age and color, we might be able to narrow it down.
    Unfortunately, APHA will not register a horse without papers.  But you would be able to register your mare with the National Pinto Registry based on her coat pattern.
  • thats true my stallion is registered with them!
    unfortunatly for me i dont know her dam or sires name!